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  1. I finished crocheting my first pair of slippers last night. After weeks of crocheting for gifts, this is the first thing I’ve crocheted for myself since the first few experimental projects. So it’s the first good thing I’ve made for myself. I finished them in two nights of crocheting casually. I used this pattern. I made them in only one color. I also made a regular strap instead of the loop thing and sewed it on instead of using a button. They’re a little loose for me, but they seem “normal” with socks. I think if I make another pair I’ll try going down a hook size or something. I do have smallish feet though. These are my first slippers and I’m pretty happy with them. I’m wearing them right now!
  2. Those look great. They remind me of some slippers my great grandmother made me as a kid.
  3. For Christmas I also crocheted my husband a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It’s Donatello which is his favorite. It was really hard to get it finished without him seeing it, but he really liked it.
  4. Don't be afraid to try something if you want to make it. I was motivated by wanting to make gifts that were appropriate to each person, so I did quite a few different things in the past month or so. I think round things are easier sometimes.
  5. This is my second completed amigurumi project. I gave it to my aunt for Christmas. I think she really liked it!
  6. Super cute! Did you use a pattern or is this an original design?
  7. Cozy/case for almost-13 year old cousin Sidney. She got an iPod touch for Christmas. I looked at alot of different patterns for iPod cases, but there was nothing that was what I wanted, so this is an original pattern. I sized it with an iPod touch. My iPhone fits as well. It has a flap to hold it secure with a hole for the earbuds to plug in as well as a pocket for storing the earbuds. I was considering making a strap also, but once the pocket was on I thought a strap would be too much. I used Lily Sugar'n Cream yarn and a G hook. When I showed it to my mom she said that my cousin is “Just junior high enough” that she might not know what it’s for and I should put in an iPod cutout. On Christmas Eve Sidney told me that she knows everything. The following is an account of the conversation when I gave it to her. Sidney opens her box and there’s a brief pause. Me: Do you know what it’s for? Sidney: No My Mom: See, I told you. Me: It’s an iPod case. Sidney: Oh! My Mom: You should have put in an iPod touch cutout. Me: I was going to, but then yesterday she told me that she knows everything! My Mom: Bazinga!
  8. So cute! I'm definitely saving the pattern.
  9. I love it! What a cute idea.
  10. This scarf is my sister's Christmas present. Her favorite color is yellow. This is my first scarf. This is my second scarf. This blue one is for my youngest sister. My sisters both seemed to like their scarves. Holly said she didn’t have a yellow scarf and wore it for the rest of the day and the day after Christmas when we met for lunch she was wearing it again. I made them both with the same pattern, but they came out different. The yellow one came out skinnier and I added a ruffle. Here's the pattern I used; http://www.joyfulabode.com/2007/09/15/shelly-scarf/
  11. My first "amigurumi" project! I made this cat for my mom's birthday present(Dec 20). My mom crochets amazing doilies but she doesn't make anything "3d" so I thought I'd try this. It's made to resemble her real cat. I was surprised by how quick the pieces were to make. The hardest part was putting everything together. When I gave it to her, she was really impressed! The pattern is from http://nimoe.wordpress.com/2008/08/18/miuku-the-cat-pattern/
  12. ShannonKay


    Love the pink ninja turtle and the pony. I'd like to know where the pattern for the pony is from as well.
  13. Very clever! I'm sure your girls will get lots of play out of them.
  14. Cool! My sisters took my cousin to see the parade floats today, but I didn't go with them.
  15. This is the pattern for the star; http://www.groupepp.com/dishbout/cpatterns/jstarcoaster.html and I used Lily Sugar'n Cream Ombres & Prints in Holly Jolly.
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