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    I'm 26, soon to be 27! =) Enganged to marry this summer. Love crocheting and knitting too =)
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    Crocheting, Knitting, Reading and writing =) (I love Stationary sets!)
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    Over night at Target =) Love It!
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    Bags, purses, totes and tops =)
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  1. I'm so happy you like your package I will keep you posted and send you an email whenever I get out of bed to check my emails. I'm supposed to stay in bed until I'm in the clear and I'm trying my best to do that. Its unbelievably hard to just stay in bed and do nothing. I have my crochet projects with me but sometimes I feel like getting up and doing something else. It drives me crazy sometimes I also wanted to say for the purse you sent, its absolutely perfect! I took it with me to my doctors visit and got compliments from the receptionist, nurse and the doctor. Its a very cute bag and holds everything I use with plenty of space for anything extra I want to throw in. My husband still examines it to see how it was made lol Its like a puzzle that keeps him quiet while I'm on the phone
  2. I'm still waiting for my aunt to respond to my email so she can send me the tote thats in her car. In the meantime, I've finished another bag for you and have also filled it with goodies. I'm waiting for an order to come in before I ship this off to you. Any day now! =)
  3. Well I have some news too I just got back from a family funeral and I accidentally left your unfinished tote in my aunts car so its half way to Wisconsin right about now. I started working on another bag for you using lion brands suede, which I think looks better than the tote. I get more compliments on this than I did on the other so I'm hoping you'll like this. I'm still on the hunt for goodies to add to this bag. I think thats the most fun I'm having with this swap, is looking for things to add to make this more fun for you At least it helps me not worry so much about the traveling tote
  4. Emily, I've been working on your bag as well. I'm using Patons Grace. I had gone to Michaels to buy some paint when I saw the colors of this yarn from across the way. I just had to use them. I do hope you like it! Don't worry about the lining, if you don't want to try without a sewing machine thats a-okay. My mom has a sewing machine and loves small projects. =) Perfect things? Hmm.. I don't really know. I like small things. I like weird things I guess.. like a really cool rock you found to add my to cactus plants. My husband things I'm nuts because I get so excited when my little brothers bring me a cool river rock lol. I also like turtles, ladybugs and dragonflies on pretty much everything. Oh I know.. I'm learning to make jewelry and at my local Michaels store.. they are always out of findings so I haven't been able to finish any of my recent projects. A friend sent a few but I'm already out and have been waiting on Michaels to restock and so far nothings changed. Anything would be perfect =) Even if all you send are a couple of rocks, I will be thrilled lol I'm half way done with your bag! I can't wait for you to see it!
  5. I sent mine in as well! I've been waiting for this one!
  6. lol this is our argument too. He has spent twice as much on video games as I have on yarn and thread. Of course he conveniently forgets that when he scolds me for having to buy another bin for my things
  7. I should print out your photo and title it "What I want for Christmas!" LOL I WISH! I love your yarn stash
  8. Oh Lori, Your doily is beautiful. I love the colors you chose for it.
  9. Tiffany! I woke up to your package sitting right infront of me. I love everything you sent! My husband said we were made to be swap partners I love the journal you sent, its perfect for writing down my pattern ideas. I was looking for a journal for the past 2 weeks but hadn't got one yet so this was absolutely wonderful to see. I also love the lion brand's color waves you sent. I love the color Sunset Red I'm definitly going to make the purse pattern you sent along with the yarn. The scarf is absolutely beautiful! I wore it around the house while doing some house cleaning because it has such a nice cool feel to it. Nothing wrong with feeling pretty while doing some dusting Last but not least is the beautiful purse you sent. Its definitely my type of bag Perfect for transporting my stuff to and from work. We're provided with small lockers and none of my bags fit inside so this is going to work perfectly for me Thank you so much for everything you sent! Thank you for being my swap partner
  10. I'm so happy you liked everything! I'm glad you like Patons Bohemian yarn. That is soooo soft I just had to share it with you The suede yarn was lovely too. I loved the color of it and had to send you some as well I'm so happy you liked your package I don't remember what yarn I used for the tote. I have to look for the wrapper which I saved but I will find it and let you know what it is. It's made with two strands, one with black cotton crochet "thread" and I'll have to find what the other strand of blue was. I just can't remember what it was.
  11. Tiffany (bookchick29) I think I forgot to tell you that I sent it through ups. Hope everything is going good for you Let me know when you get your package. I do hope you enjoy everything I sent. Wendy
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