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  1. I'm really glad you like doilies. And here is one more. Have a look pls:
  2. And one more doily to my home. I hope you enjoy it. More pictures and info about the doily you can find at my blog. http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_HzxC7TUfKTU/TA9Ium8kzRI/AAAAAAAAGfc/drdiRtHwRMw/s1600/IMG_2170m.JPG
  3. Thank you all! And yes you are all right, Melinda (the owner) really likes my crochet wedding bag which I have made for her - I'm so happy cos of it! Yes I have a sunny beautiful day and I wish it to everyone!
  4. I made the crochet wedding bag in creamy colour as the new owner has wished it to be. I hope she will like the final result of my handwork More pictures you can see here: http://pistiagi.blogspot.com/2010/06/wedding-bag.html Have a sunny day!
  5. Thanks a lot to all of you!!!!
  6. Thank you all very much for so nice comments! I'm happy! Mellrb702 I'm very glad you like my dishes too. Believe me I'm very beginner at the kitchen so cooking can't really be so hard just needs to put into lots of heart Cat3crazy The pattern comes from a crochet magazine. The only thing I changed is colours which I like and I added some daisies to it to be more colourful and spring looking!
  7. Thank you for all comments! And here are more floral doilies to my home. I hope you enjoy them. More pictures you can find at my blog.
  8. I have made my first shawl. Would you like to see it?... ..Here you are More pictures as always you can find at my blog
  9. Here is my last crochet decoration I have made to my home I hope you enjoy watching! More pictures you can find at my blog. You are welcome there to visit and leave a comment as well.
  10. And I have the pattern as well. Thank you! )
  11. So cute this one is... When I look at sth and I want to have it, it means I really like it so it must be very good looking Great work again Apak!
  12. Once more I say WONDERFUL! Summer colours used, the bookmarks are as would be from some cartoon and the idea I really respect
  13. Thank you all very much for opinions and comments This is the greatest motivation for me Roli I have checked all and everything works ok at my blog. I hope you will visit my blog in the future and the next time you won't have any problem with posting a comment there.
  14. Lindy thank you very much. Those napkin rings prove just that even a paper napkin can look elegant, can't it? I'm really very glad you like my blog as well
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