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    Learned in the 50s, enjoyed it in the 70s, raised my children then returned to it in 2000s
  1. In another place and time, I would LOVE to join everyone! I have too many things on my plate at the present so I'm not planning on making gifts. However . . . I will definitely be reading and making a list of all the great ideas. Happy crocheting to all of you!
  2. I read this on another forum: For someone with long hair, run elastic around the outside of a doily and use as a bun cover. Sounds beautiful to me!
  3. I finish the same as Birdlady . . . but I'm posting so I can add a tip. Krystal16's comment about her tapestry needle reminded me. I put one metal tapestry needle and one plastic yarn needle in a pill bottle. I have several of these needle bottles and just throw one in each project that I'm working on. No need to distinguish between yarn or thread projects as each bottle can handle either. Hope someone can use this idea!!
  4. TX CrochetLover . . . thank you for keeping count! I have 40 properly put away in the correct roll and in order (yay me)! 13 steel 18 aluminum 9 plastic. My favorite red H is missing and I have 2-3-4 in WIPs. I've done my job . . . now someone else run and count.
  5. I like the idea of a shadow box. It could contain an unfinished piece w/Grandma's hook, small ball of yarn attached to the project, handwritten pattern or notes, a picture of Grandma (how cool if you could find one of her crocheting?), her name and her birth and death dates. It might also include a sentence or two about her or where she fits in the family tree. This shadow box could end up being a treasured item handed down to the crocheter or knitter of each generation. Each recipient could sign their own name on the back and further add to the historical and sentimental value of the shadowbox. Good luck doing something wonderful!
  6. A picture is worth a thousand words . . . and I can see that your mother LOVED it. Nice job!
  7. Very, very nice. What are your black bags?
  8. Thank you. I'll do that today so I can get started.
  9. Hi Lori, Thanks for the link . . . it is wonderful. I'm going to go back and study it more in a little while. Thanks also for "the chaining between sc" tip. I see that other people wrote the same thing so it must be necessary. Oh, my goodness, what a tiny hook I must use! The smallest I own is a Boye 12 (but I've never used it). I'll try that first. It it's not small enough () I'll have to go shopping. I'm thinking that I should get out my magnifying glass that hangs around my neck so that I can see this little bugger. I unwrapped my hankies today and took a good look. The edging is prettier that I had expected. It appears to have little X stitches around the holes. Now I'm excited to start! I think I want to swish the hanky in some warm water to get rid of the fold lines and sizing. Should I do this before I start or when I finish? Ladies, what do you suggest? Thanks, everyone! Deborah
  10. Pictures: http://www.hemstitchedlullabys.com
  11. OK I'm back. These two websites have about a half dozen (each) simple edging instructions: www.hemstitchedlullabys.com/crochetstitches.htm www.heirloomhemstitching.com/instructions.htm All of the patterns seem to start with sc around the holes. Hope this helps!
  12. And now my question for all you knowledgeable crocheters... My daughter is getting married in February. I have some of my grandmother's tatting/crochet thread that I got when she died in 1959. (This is what I chose as a nine year old to remember her.) I checked and there is a ball of blue. My plan is to crochet a simple edge around one of the hankies I mentioned in the previous post with my grandmother's thread, for my daughter to carry on her wedding day. The thread is size 70.....so what size hook would work best. I've never worked with anything this fine. Almost forgot . . . there are simple patterns on the hemstitching pages for hankie edges. I'll post them shortly as I need to drive another daughter right now.
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