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  1. I am searching for a vintage crochet duck Easter basket. My mother made these in probably early 60's out of rug yarn. I would appreciate any help. I would think that she might have ordered this pattern from a newspaper or The Grit. Thank you.
  2. My name is Lisa and I have been visiting Crochetville for a long time now--but this is my first post. I am excited to be exchanging info with fellow crocheters. I have been crocheting for about 50 years--since a small child! I do all tyoes of crochet, as well as other crafts. I do sell some of my creations. I recently joined an online craft group and have participated in four swaps so far. It is so much fun to share and see what others are working on. Thank you for giving us this forum!!
  3. Hi-- I am new to this site and I would like to ask if anyone has a pattern for crocheted Duck-shaped(or goose) Easter baskets. My mother made these in probably the early 60's or so. They may have been done in cotton yarn. I would like to make these for this Easter. I believe that she ordered the pattern from a newspaper or magazine. I can't figure it out on my own. Thanks.
  4. HI-- I am new here. Does anyone have a pattern for crocheted duck Easter baskets? This would be from the 60's probably (maybe earlier) and probably used cotton yarn. My mother made these and I would like to sell these this Easter. Thanks.
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