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    Entrelac in the round

    >>>Here is a pattern for reference http://mylifeinknots...Entralac Afghan That's what I use when making entrelac blankets in the round as opposed to working corner to corner or edge to edge. My favorite combination was white, grey and black. It turned out beautifully! >>>Why are you working a "flat" piece/afghan "in the round" It's the same concept as working anything else that's flat. With this, you aren't going in a circle, you're starting at one point and working your way around back to that point and then changing colors, kind of like working a granny square in the round. I hope that makes sense.
  2. MDickens

    Last slippers of 2012 ~ #11 & #12.....

    I'm at home recovering from surgery and have made some of these slippers for myself. They are SO MUCH better than the store-bought ones!!! They're soft and wonderfully warm! Is there some kind of product that can be put on the bottoms of crocheted slippers that make them non-skid? The slippers I was given in the hospital were cloth ones but they have some kind of non-skid bottom and I would love to have this on the bottom of these slippers.
  3. MDickens

    Crocheted Baby Blanket

    Great job!
  4. MDickens

    Closed: Infinity Scarf - Thank you!!!

    I would like to test it if you still need someone.
  5. MDickens

    Mermaid baby photo set

    That is so cute!
  6. MDickens

    Mermaid Tears Purse

    I'm glad he shows how to make the straps because the written instructions made no sense whatsoever to me. It clicked after watching him make one, though. Is that a macrame technique? The part where you take the crochet hook out completely and leave all those "live" loops standing reminded me of Broomstick Lace.
  7. MDickens

    Mermaid Tears Purse

    I'm working on one of those. One of my daughter's friends saw the prototype I was working on and next thing I knew she presented me with the yarn she wants hers made from. All of your purses are beautiful. Did you use Michael Sellick's tutorials?
  8. MDickens

    Cute baby modeling my blanket!

    How precious! And your blanket is lovely, too. How long did it take you to make it?
  9. MDickens

    Pastel Mermaid Tears bag

  10. MDickens

    Favorite Pattern?

    I guess I don't have favorite patterns as much as I have favorite techniques. I've lost count of the entrelac blankets, throws and shawls I've made. Same thing with Broomstick Lace. I like to make things with the basketweave stitch and the brick stitch (crazy stitch), too. Right now I'm making lots of fingerless gloves for someone. There's nothing to them, really, it's essentially 32 rows of single crochet using the back loop but she can't crochet or knit and is in awe of them.
  11. MDickens

    Lacy Shells Blanket

    That's precious! How long did it take you to make it?
  12. MDickens

    Baby Afghan For My Neighbor

    Very pretty!
  13. MDickens

    Late Arrival

    Welcome to Crochetville from Mississippi.
  14. MDickens

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome from Mississippi.