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    Married, owned by many furbabies
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    New Hampshire
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    crochetting, gardening
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    Will try anything once, afghans, doilies
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    Since about 1956
  1. mzizgayle


    ok thought I was adding picture, cant' do it
  2. All righty, guess this ole lady can do this lol....good thing I don't have to count what I have already because I would be past the moon lol..and hubby doesn't know about the bag I put in the closet ROFL
  3. welcome...once you get the hang of it, you won't put it down.lol
  4. welcome I am another newbie who found this site!
  5. thank you for the welcomes, now to just figure out to find my way around lol
  6. Good afternoon, I am Gayle and when I get bored at work, I tend to end up searching the net for various things (good things) which I am allowed to do during lunch lol...so anyhoo I have been trying to find a nice active crochet group, really didn't want to start my own since I already run two, though not crochetting. So I found you! and you are active!! I live in New Hampshire, married for 38 years, we are owned by many furbabies. I crochet constantly, have been since my grandma started me 53 years ago. I also garden when the weather allows. I have done county fairs with my crocheting in the past. I will pretty much try any pattern but enjoy doing afghans, and doilies, plus other cutsey things. And I still work full time, hubby is the house hubby since he is retired. I have so much yarn stored at home, hubby no longer asks me "did you buy more yarn" ...yes I am a yarn-oholic...I hope to meet many of you and hopefully join in after I explore this group even more...
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