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    Here is my seahorse
  2. Miss_Jackie

    My Bunny

    too cute!
  3. Miss_Jackie

    My poncho

    It took me a few weeks to make it, but I am very happy with the result.
  4. Miss_Jackie

    Cross DC stitch

    I was working on a pattern and came across a cross double crochet stitch... I tried looking on youtube and couldn't find a good video of how to make this stitch. So I was wondering if someone on here could give me good directions on how to make this stitch.
  5. Miss_Jackie

    Little Bunny

    A friend of mine recently had a baby and I made this little bunny for her little girl.... It is probably the cutest thing I have ever made.:hook
  6. Miss_Jackie

    Graduation Bear and Teddy Bear

    So my cousin is graduating college and I wanted to make her something little and I made this cute little graduation bear. I thought he was so cute I made a little teddy bear for myself. My boyfriend thinks the brown bear looks like Garfield's teddy bear Pooky:lol
  7. Miss_Jackie

    Baby Blanket

    A friend of mine is having a baby so I made this blanket for a baby shower gift.
  8. Miss_Jackie

    Kindle Cover

    So I broke down a few days ago and joined the world of Kindles...I was looking for a case and realized how expensive they were so I decided to make my own. It took me a whole day since I had to measure it out, but I think it came out pretty good.
  9. Miss_Jackie

    my little monkey..

    So cute!
  10. Miss_Jackie


    That is way too cute!!!!!!
  11. Miss_Jackie

    Mario Brothers Power Ups

    I was a child of the 90's and played Super Mario Brothers religiously as a child. I made the 1up and the mushroom that makes you big. I plan to make the other three.
  12. Miss_Jackie

    Mario Brothers Power Ups

    I totally agree with you! I am glad everyone likes them:) the eyes are a little funky, but that is okay.
  13. Miss_Jackie

    Tiny pokemon

    That is way too cute:)
  14. Miss_Jackie

    Mario Brothers Power Ups

    Thank you:D I have to make new ones for myself because boyfriend saw those and stole them:angry
  15. Miss_Jackie

    Baby Blanket

    Thank you... She absolutely loved the blanket:clap
  16. Miss_Jackie

    My first ever square!

    Nice job:) I remember the first time I made a granny square I made too many corners:blush
  17. Miss_Jackie

    Square 64

    I love the colors!
  18. Miss_Jackie

    Kindle Cover

    Thank you:) some of my friends now want me to make one for them.
  19. Miss_Jackie


    Those are very pretty.
  20. Miss_Jackie

    Cross DC stitch

    Thank you both of you:)
  21. Miss_Jackie

    what else do you do?

    Aside from crochet, I also do wood burning and hook rug (my mother got me into that).
  22. Miss_Jackie

    Sneaking yarn in the home

    My boyfriend has literally put me on a monthly yarn budget:lol (which I blow in a day). So when I want more yarn I just wait until he is at work go buy it and then hide it in my cubbies and pretend it is old yarn.
  23. Miss_Jackie

    My owl cell phone holders

    How cute and very creative!
  24. Miss_Jackie

    Curly scarfs

    So pretty!
  25. Miss_Jackie

    My poncho

    Thank you:) this was actually my first attempt at making a poncho.