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    Gini Shallenberger
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    I live on 15 acres with my husband Chet and my dog, Molly. We have two adult sons
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    Randolph, Ohio
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    Crocheting, embroidery, other crafts, reading and walking
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    Office Admin for Century 21 Wilbur
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    I've mostly done afghans, but I'm starting to branch out
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    As long as I can remember - I'd guess at least since 1967
  1. I haven't been on in awhile so am just reading your message. I too would have been able to go w/out coverings if it hadn't been so cold! I found I preferred the scarves, though. I could match them with my work outfits and get more creative. I found a website, headcovers.com, that not only had hats, wigs and scraves, but nightcaps and soft cotton caps to wear underneath that holds the scarves, etc, on. They also have some cosmetics for helping with loss of evelashes/brows. Good luck with everything!
  2. One was "Fall of Giants", which I ended up having to take back because someone else had it on hold and I couldn't renew any more. The other is "Atlas Shrugged", and no, it's not that great, but I can't bring myself not to finish it. The story isn't bad - think "1984" or "Fahrenheit 451" style, but she is way too wordy. One whole chapter is a monologue, which is taking me forever to read so I've taken to reading the first line of each paragraph and then moving on. It's one of those books that I decided to read to see for myself. Wish I had started the other first, because that one aI really wanted to read!
  3. I know I've been missing in action - I have these 2 huge books that I have to finished before the library won't let me renew any more as well as a cross stich project I'm working on. I'll jump back in when I have something to report!
  4. So glad to know there is a place where I am guarenteed a laugh every day!
  5. I have been using this forum as an excuse not to work on my cross stich. This is the hardest piece I've ever done - it was supposed to be finished at Christmas as a gift for my sister. So, I've decided just to suck it up and stay with it until it's finished. That's the long way of saying I have a big fat WTD 0
  6. I'm wondering if maybe she had some kind of basket that this fit over - either to hold kleenex or a pot. Or even, a small picnic basket, like to take to those old fashioned box lunch auctions. Have you tried perusing one of those vintage pattern sites? I sure everyone here would love to know the answer. Do you have a local historic society? Maybe someone there would know.
  7. gshall

    Baby Shoes

    Those are really cute!
  8. I have so been there before! Not only is it more to order online, but if you only need a skein or two, the shipping can be as much or more than the yarn! I have done it though. Glad you were able to find the yarn you needed!
  9. Just working a baby booties. They don't use much yarn, but I did manage a WTD +2
  10. :laughroll:laughroll:laughroll:laughroll:laughroll
  11. I know what you mean - I think they purposely put things on sale for that reason! The other thing that happens to me is I'll get one of those 10% off everything coupons, then forget to read the dates and show up a day early or a day late - they send them out so far ahead! It's not real close, so I usually just go ahead and buy what I've picked out.
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