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    39 yr old mother of 4
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    motorcycles, crocheting,quilting
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    security guard, mother
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    hats mostly but like to make lots of things
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  1. i can not express the gratitude i have for each and everyone of you who took time to help me! i have been stuggling trying to find a way to have the perfect tension, if there is such a thing lol. i got alot of help from each of you and promise to use the advice starting this evening. im very excited to see if i can overcome this problem and actually be able to make the basket weave! ill do all i can n keep tryin, i wont give up! thanks a bunch everyone, you gals rock!!!!! your friend, Christy
  2. its funny you say that about baby powder, i was actually thinking about tryin it. i can see how it would work, just gotta get some! thank you so much for your time, Christy
  3. let me c if i can explain wout gettin u confused. im right handed so hold workin yarn in left hand. i use my first finger to hold my work mostly n my other fingers r cuppin the yarn. does that mk sense? ive tried wrappin the yarn aroun my pinky like mikey does n keep first finger straight but just cant master it that way lol im wantin so much for my work to b right so i can do the basket weave st. i hope that wasnt confusing for you! im off to drs appt but will check back when i get home! thank you so much!
  4. ok, i have been crocheting now for several years and since then im going thru the changes of life and i sweat alot...my question is....wen im crocheting my hand starts to sweat and causes me to have alot of tension on my yarn....IS THERE ANY SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS I COULD TRY TO KEEP FROM HAVING SO MUCH TENSION THAT I CAN NOT DO THE STITCHES. I.E. I TRIED OUT THE BASKET WEAVE STITCH WHICH I REALLY LIKE, BUT IM NOT ABLE TO GET THE RIGHT TENSION SO IM FINDING MY WORK IS SO TIGHT I CANT ACTUALLY DO THE STITCH...DOES THAT MAKE SENSE? I NEED TO KNOW IF THERE IS ANYTHING I CAN DO, PRACTICE, ECT TO
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