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  1. Thank you! I made one for my kindle but it's not even close to how nice this one is. thanks again.
  2. Many thanks for the great places to get good threads. I like to crochet fine lace using size 80 and 100 tatting threads and a size 13/14 steel hook, both of which are very difficult to find locally. I've sent for a catalog to one of your listings and I'm really excited to find a source of thread in some great colors. Thanks again!
  3. RhonW

    A challenge

    Thank you all for your help! I appreciate it.
  4. RhonW

    A challenge

    Thanks for the suggestions... I don't suppose you could remember the name of that book? I've tried google and norton and Bing and havebn't really had much luck. I'll keep looking, and any more suggestions will be very welcome. Thanks again.
  5. RhonW

    A challenge

    I'm looking for a pattern for a horse... a protective ear net that we use in the summer to protect from flies. I've been searching and haven't had much luck. They're readily available already made up at most tack shops, but I want to make my own so I can customize the color and size (poor horse looks really silly when the ear coverings are too big!). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance
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