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  1. I think we need a UFO 12 step program. haha
  2. + is Using yarn.. - is buying, inheriting, stealing (kidding) yarn. Just think of it as "I made something with my yarn, and thats a plus for me and whoever I give it to."
  3. Beth, honestly..while I do feel bad for those people. I'd rather work on things for people in need here at home. We have plenty of starving, sick, homeless, hopeless people right here. Good luck in your endeavor.
  4. I lost my mind sometime today and bought 2 skeins of yarn for $34. Apparently I am flippin crazy.
  5. Pam are you trying to convince us or yourself? LOL.I'm going to check out a new yarn shop today....and next week is yarn swap at the new group I found. I am going to try to give yarn away as opposed to pick anymore up. hahahahaha
  6. nothing..because I would be fretting over what I am missing on the computer. LOL
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