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  1. Hat with Shells and Earflaps 3 colors WW yarn (A,B,C) i used Caron Simply Soft brights G hook In A, ch multiple of 8 (88 fit me but i have a big head) join 1-2) sc around 3-4) in B sc 5) in C sc, 6) same as 5, join cut 7) in A ch 3 in sc, 6 dc in same st, sk 3, sl, sk3, (7 dc in sc, sk 3, sl, sk3) repeat around, join and cut 8-12) repeat 7 alternating colors (B,C,A,B, C) 13) in A, ch 1 in middle sc of shell, sc in same sc, sc, 2 hdc, dc, 2 hdc, (3 sc, 2 hdc, dc, 2 hdc) around, sc, join and cut In the next rnds the last repeat will not be perfect, just approximate 14) in B, (4 hdc, hdc-dec {yo, pick up loop from next sc, yo, pick up loop from next sc, yo, pull through all 4 loops on hook}) around 15) sc around, join and cut 16) in C, (3 hdc, hdc-dec) around 17) sc around, join and cut 18) in A, (2 hdc, hdc-dec) around 19) sc around, join and cut 20) in B, (1 sc, sc-dec) around 21) (2 sc, sc-dec) around, join and cut 22) in C, (1 sc, sc-dec) around 23) (1 sc, sc-dec) around, join and cut 24) sc-dec, around, join and cut, use tail to close Optional: Make pom-pom using A,B, and C, attach to rnd 24 Earflaps Put hat on head and mark where earflaps should go, scraps work well for temporary markers 1) In C, ch 1 in beginning ch, sc in same ch, sc in next 13 ch 2) ch 1, turn, sc across 3) switch to B, sc across 4) ch 1, turn, sc across 5-8) repeat 3-4, with A, then C 9) switch to B, sc, sc-dec, sc across until 3 sc left, sc-dec, sc 10) still in B repeat 9 11) switch to A, repeat 9 12) still in A, repeat 9, join and cut Run in any left over ends, sc in C around base of hat For braids at ends of earflaps: cut 2 pieces of each color about twice as long as desired length of braid, fold each color in half separately, use hook to bring loop of each bundle through middle three sc on earflap, the ends should then be tucked through the loop of their respective colors, braid to desired length and tie off I hope everyone likes this, b/c its my first pattern i've ever posted online! 8)
  2. I just finished a pattern im really proud of today and i wanted a place to post it so others could make my awesome hat!! 8)
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