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    Crocheter for 30+ years. I love crochet clothing, but have crocheted almost everything!
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    Crochet, computers, books, movies
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    Semi retired, still work full time though.
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  1. I found one at our mall for $4 at the calender stand that sets up each year. I discovered last year, that this place sells all it's calenders for $4 each in January. Our mall is called Forest Mall, but is a Simon Mall, that I know are in other cities in the US. I'd try the calender stands first. I really like this years edition and have already used the hat pattern from January 22.
  2. This is exactly how I feel! I just get disgusted with it and give up. When I want inspiration, I go to the Show and Tell section of Crochetville or some of the yarn companies sites. Everything is so helter, skelter on Ravelry, I seldom bother to go there at all, unless someone gives me a specific link of something to see.
  3. Oh, please! Don't burst my little bubble! I liked the two Michaels I've been to, one in WI and one in Charlottesville, VA. We are getting two new ones that will not be that far for me to drive to, so I plan on going to both. I'm really looking forward to going to both new ones! In VA I bought three wonderful crochet books that I didn't even know about, and I was so excited that I found them. In WI, I've found lots of clearance yarn at great prices, and I really enjoyed looking through everything at that store in Sheboygan.
  4. Without a doubt, Amy, you are correct. It's pretty hard for someone who does customer service everyday hear something that like what was said, and not think that that was totally rude. I don't blame her for being so upset! Although we are getting a new Michaels not far from where I live, and I will be going there! I don't believe all cashiers there are rude, but this one definitely was rude and didn't value her job very much.
  5. What? We can't be rude at McDonalds! If I had said what that cashier said to Wanda, I'd be fired and out the door! There's no excuse for rudeness, no matter what the customer says to me. No one should get that kind of rudeness anywhere. You should be complaining about it if you do. McDs has a toll free number on all their packaging. If you think someone has been rude to you and you don't see a manager or can't find one, call that number. Someone will get back to that store and that particular person. Great customer service is the most important thing!
  6. There's a great one on Main St. in Fondy. They are crochet friendly and display both crochet and knit projects in their store. They also hold lots of classes, with some on crochet. Here's the website http://www.theknittingroomwi.com/ You can sign up for a newsletter from them, telling about classes and special sales. Lots of books and binders of patterns, including crochet. I've gotten some great crochet books there.
  7. I have a crochet plant holder leaflet from the 70s or 80s. I don't know what it's called or who produced it, and right now I'm not even sure where it is. I would use nylon thread, like JP Coats nylon or the nylon from Hobby Lobby. That's not the easiest to crochet with, but it would be hard to break that. Just make sure you glue the ends, so they don't come undone. There's a book called Decorating With Crochet by Anne Halliday, published in 1965 with plant hangars, using whatever cable cord is. I'm thinking something from the hardware store! How about Jute? Kind of hard to crochet with, but it would work.
  8. The one I crocheted, a simple tube, is stuffed full of plastic bags all the time it seems. I can pull from the bottom or the top. If you stuff enough plastic bags in there, it does work. Not an automatic feed, but close. Automatic feeds in tissues are not all they're cracked up to be. Just have an open tissue box laying on an end table and a determined kitty. She can empty that box in no time at all!
  9. I got in fine too. Probably a problem with your router. Mine was older, and I was having the same type of problems you are. When my dd said she was buying a laptop, I told her to pick up a new router too. That solved the problem, plus it was much easier to install than the older Microsoft router I had before. The new one is a Dynex from Best Buy.
  10. I saw that too! I didn't dare say anything. When we're watching LOST, the world could end around us, and we wouldn't know it!
  11. Welcome from Fond du Lac, with 80 some inches of snow this winter and no salt left for our streets! Best thing to do is stay home and crochet, but unfortunately I have to go to work.
  12. Welcome, Kay, from Fond du Lac. My brother lives in Weston Township, outside Shawano. It's an experience for me to drive up there in the winter, since that township doesn't seem to use salt on their roads. Talk about white-knuckle driving! Beautiful county, scary roads!
  13. Welcome from Fond du Lac. I didn't even know we had a wool ambassador! Congratulations, and I hope you do well at the Nationals. I wish we'd hear about these things in our newspapers!
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