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    Wendy Nikolajew
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    Married to Alex, 3 sons, Lachlan 24, Rory 23, Dustyn 21 and 1 daughter, Caitlin 18, All at home!!!!!
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    Stratford, Victoria, Australia
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    crochet, sewing, knitting, reading
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    mum to four
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    since approx. 1970
  1. Welcome Maxine, it won't be long before you are hooked, lol.
  2. Wow!!! It is beautiful, and what a beautiful way to remember your Grandma.
  3. Wow!!!! It's gorgeous!!!
  4. WOW!!!!!! It's awesome, I loooove Frangipanis.
  5. Welcome!!!!!! I am sure you will looove it here!!!
  6. I do both, probably enjoy crocheting just a little more.
  7. Welcome to the 'ville, it is totally addictive!!!
  8. Absolutely gorgeous!!! I looooove it!!!
  9. Welcome to the 'ville Terry. You will be amazed by the talent and the generosity of everyone here, it's wonderful!!!
  10. My niece did love it, and unfortunately so did her dog!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. But, I did manage to fix it, lucky for the dog, lol. I had to unpick a few squares and replace them. I was very fortunate to still have a small amount of the yarn left, which I used all of remaking the chewed squares. To look at it now, you wouldn't know it had been 'eaten' by Trevor (the dog). I only used three different squares. The big one was a square made with 10 rounds, the one with the four squares had five rounds in each square, and the square with nine smaller squares was made up of nine squares with three rounds in each. I am actually making another one at the moment, in pinks and purples, using Red Heart Plum Pudding as the variegated color.
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