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  1. Hello, everyone. I am an expert Crocheter and have been Crocheting for over 30 years. I've taught many, many people over the years.
  2. Good morning, Everyone! I made this purple shawl for my friend for her to wear to a concert we attended. Her favorite color is purple. I described the look of the color before she saw it as "Rock n' Roll Purple"! The materials I used were Lion Brand and Moda Dea yarns held together throughout. (As much as the yarns I used were a wonderful combination, unfortunately the materials cost me about $65.00. A bit expensive!) I believe I used a size N on this one. As you can see in the picture, this shawl is as big as my kitchen table, but I love the huge size. The shawl turned out so soft and light, and I really loved the feel of it...too bad purple isn't my color. But, I decided that I would most definitely make a shawl exactly like this one for me only using probably blue colors or another color I can wear in a professional environment. Please, click the links below to view: HUGE PURPLE SHAWL HUGE PURPLE SHAWL CLOSE-UP Happy Crocheting, Everyone!
  3. Good afternoon, everyone! I think after I finish the next few projects I'm working on I'll probably make ANOTHER one, only a smaller black one in cotton Sugar n' Cream for the summertime.
  4. Good morning, All. I appreciate the kind compliments on this poncho. With the orange...I just need to figure out which dress or top/jeans to wear it with. Also, I haven't put the black Italian toggle buttons on yet. Still thinking about it though.
  5. Thanks for sharing the pic. You did a beautiful job!
  6. Thanks for sharing. This is very special!
  7. Thanks for sharing the pic of your cute bag. This bag looks great in blue!
  8. Thanks for sharing the pic. I'd love to make something like this when I finish all of my other shawls!
  9. Thanks for sharing the pics. As a fellow doily crocheter, I enjoy looking at other crocheter's work.
  10. I bought a yoga bag pattern and haven't made it yet. You just reminded me it was on my "to do" list of things to crochet!
  11. ILove2Crochet


    No pun intended, but I'm a big "Fan" of fan doilies. This one is small and cute!
  12. I love Elvis and this piece.
  13. Oh, I am so GLAD I have a fellow FUN FUR FANATIC! I was hesitant to use Fun Fur at first, but it seems Fun Fur goes great with all kinds of projects.
  14. It seems as if many of you know about the No Boundaries yarn from Wal-Mart Store. I am very surprised. The quality of it is better than I expected. I just hope they keep carrying it so I can CROCHET MORE SHAWLS.
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