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  1. I had a stroke a year ago and have minimal use of my right hand. I am teaching myself to crochet but I have run into a major hurdle. How do you roll yarn into balls with only one hand? Any ideas that don't involve buying equipment? Ramblinlady
  2. Katy, I just learned to do the Russian join and I was just checking on what other folks do with their ends and I read your siggy. I absolutely love it! And I totally agree. Thank you for the smile. "Please back away from the yarn, and no one needs to get hurt here!"
  3. Donna, Yes, if you find that the skirt is curling up on the outer edge when you lace up the top to see how it fits around the tree, and you want it to lay flat then add more of round 2's. If you want it to be very ruffly on the outer edge, add a lot more of round 2's. The original pattern was made from the outer edge in, using decreases and worsted weight yarn. And it was limited, being made this way, to a skirt that wasn't any "longer" than the one you see in my picture. But I wanted one that could be used under different sized trees, and be made with different size yarn/thread.
  4. MissHSoo, Thank you, and I'm glad you like the pattern. You're most welcome. And what's nice about it is, you'll see as you make it that it can be made as long as you wish, to fit any size tree. The skirt can be very easily enlarged and it works well with all yarns, I believe.
  5. I'm glad my pattern can be of help. I know that the skirt makes up very quickly for me, and I'm not a fast crochet person. I'm also working on a cape/sweater for myself with leftovers of Simply soft and the same pattern. Only change I made was that I'm using a chain 6 instead of a chain 8 between the dc groups. I'm a large lady and wanted something to keep my shoulders and arms warm, but also keep my arms free to crochet or do other things. So far it's coming out very nicely. I'll try to get a piccie of it when I'm done and share here. As far as the yarn goes, I've collected yar
  6. I hope I'm not doing anything wrong by bumping this pattern of mine. But since it's getting close to Christmas, I thought it might come in handy for someone. Enjoy!
  7. Thank you all so very much for the responses. I don't feel nearly so bad now. I have a close friend whom I've known for several years and while our friendship is long standing, she can be intensely moody. At the same time I have several long term projects going for her. One a large all-in-one crocheted aran afghan and another is a large and very detailed Xstitch. When she gets into one of her negative moods and takes it out on me, I can't make myself work on her projects at all until we work things out. Eventually we do, but in the meantime her projects sit idle. And the bad thin
  8. I just have a question for those of you who make items for gifts for family and friends. If you're really busy making a large item, or something that takes a long time to make, like an afghan or sweater or such, and that person (I'm talking about an adult here) suddenly really upsets you in some way. . . do you have a hard time continuing to work on their gift until things between you and them are straightened out? I find I have to put their project aside for a little bit and work on something else, cause I just can't focus on working on the the thing I'm making for them. Is ther
  9. That's what no $$$ does for me. Teaches me restraint I guess. hahah Huggles!
  10. A very nice pattern and you have beautiful work. I must say I admire you for making a 36 x 36 blanket with sport yarn. I seldom have the patience to use sport weight yarn in something that's large. I'm certainly glad that others do have that patience.
  11. I just got Herrschners' latest Sale ad and in their yarn on sale they have their afghan yarn (2-ply) and some very pretty colors for only $.99 a skein! I haven't bought yarn in over a year, but I splurged on myself. I enjoy using the 2-ply for making bears and baby things. (Now to figure out how to hide this delivery from my son, who is the main income here. Mom was naughty! hahaha) Huggles!
  12. Katy, Your welcome. And I hope it comes out nicely for you when you make it. Huggles!
  13. Thank you for the suggestion Julee. I will definitely give them a try.
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