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  1. also I turned it every round which I had never tried before and changed my starting point every 3 rows, but I figured since this was camouflage you'd barely be able to see the stitch definition anyway so I could experiment a little, and I liked as much this way as not turned.
  2. Just popping back by to say you guys were right... I did this blanket with no chains between shells and 2 chains in the corner, and it was perfectly square! No sags, weird pointy ends curving out, etc. I don't know why I got stuck on that one pattern and decided it was the be-all, end-all of granny squares, but this way of doing it works better for me. Thank you so much!
  3. The version I was using is (3dc in ch sp, ch1) with (3dc, ch3, 3dc) in the corners. Ch3 in the corners does seem like too much to me, ch2 is plenty so I am going to stop doing ch3. I don't think my tension is too loose, it used to be very tight until I started concentrating on it. My chains would be so tight I couldn't get the hook through to put a stitch in them. So I think right now I am in the middle of the road, tension-wise. I tried skipping the ch1 on another lapghan and it looks good, haven't done enough of it to see if it will help with the ripple, but it's slower going figuring out how many stitches to put in without the gaps there to remind me. I'm not sure if I have any solid, plain yarn at the moment to use. I have a mile of boucle but that is probably as hard to see. I will dig through my stash this afternoon and see what I have to experiment with. Thanks!
  4. I'm going to try some other things out... I looked at some other patterns recently and noticed that some granny squares call for 2 ch between shells instead of 1, so there's more than one way to do it. I tried this for a few rows and it looks like my shells are better-defined and not looking so crammed-in. I guess somehow I thought this way was the only way to make a granny square. Something that's bugged me about my granny squares since I finally got the hang of them (took me forever) is that when I look at other people's, I see rows of shells. When I look at mine, I see lots and lots of holes with some yarn in between. I don't know why the holes are so prominent, but it's like swiss-cheese yarn. Thanks for your help!
  5. I started doing this with my current blanket because I feel like the spot where I'm joining and chaining up makes an uneven area (partly because my technique is sloppy), so I am very pleased to know I was not wasting my time stopping and starting. For some of my other blankets, I changed colors every row and they were still saggy but not nearly as much as the single color ones. Thanks!
  6. OK I tried to attach pictures to this post. Hope this works.
  7. I've made several "lapghans" lately that are one big granny square. I'm putting 3 DC in each shell, then chain 1, then another shell, ch 3 at the corners between 2 shells. It seems that the 4 sides sag downward in the middle from each corner, and there's a ripple radiating out from the center of each side too. At first I thought this was tension, because I might work on something for 10 minutes, then back again an hour the next day at a completely different time of day, in a different mood, etc. But on this one I made a particular effort to correct that and it still looks the same as the others. In these pictures I arranged the square so the pucker on the middle stood up enough to be viewed, though it's hard to see because of the variegated yarn. (well I give up, there are supposed to be pictures here but I don't know how to post them...) Is this normal for a granny square and all the pretty flat blankets I see on ravelry have already been blocked, or is there something I can do to fix this? I find mine are still a bit oddly shaped even after blocking, although I'm probably not the world's best at blocking either. I was hoping these wouldn't turn out so warped because I don't know what I'm going to do with 2 lbs of camouflage yarn, the blankets will already be pretty funky looking so they need all the help they can get. Thanks for any advice!
  8. What a great idea... thanks!
  9. Well I was going to take a picture of it when I finished but it looks like I will run out of yarn before I get there, so I'll have to go get more. Anyway your instructions were perfectly clear, I got past the confusing part and I'm doing the single crochets at the end until the hat is big enough. Somehow despise messing up some easy stuff, I didn't make a single mistake in this project. And yes it is gratifying to make a hat, I would be finished already if I had enough yarn and I just started last night. Thanks so much for your help!
  10. After a lot of practice, I think you are right about making chains too tightly. I practiced several times making my chain (what seemed to me) ridiculously loose, only to realize that it was still too tight when I tried to go through the back ridge. Then once I start crocheting, I get tighter and tighter until I remind myself to relax my grip. I have to keep reminding myself not to get the death grip on it. Also almost all the yarn I've used so far has been stiff dishcloth yarn (4 medium weight), so I experimented with some different kinds of yarn, 3 and 5 weights, and more soft and pliable. I've had more success with this than the stiffer yarn. I started making a winter hat beginning with a ring and so far it looks great and I haven't had any problems, except I can't understand one line in the middle of the pattern. The pattern started with a ring and a few rounds of sc, then "1 sc in each of next 2 sc. 2 sc in next sc." The next round is the same but "each of the next 3 sc," then "each of the next 4 sc," etc. I understood all these rounds, and all the ones that come after, but I can't figure out what the bold part means in the 8th round? "6th rnd: Ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 4 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Rep from * around. Join with sl st to first sc. 36 sc. 7th rnd: Ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 5 sc. 2 sc in next sc. Rep from * around. Join with sl st to first sc. 42 sc. 8th rnd: Ch 1. 1 sc in each sc around. Join with sl st to first sc. Inc 6 sts evenly on next and every following alt rnd to 60 sc. Next rnd: Ch 1. *1 sc in each of next 14 sc. 2 sc in next sc. 1 sc in each of next 29 sc. 2 sc in next sc. 1 sc in each of next 15 sc. Join with sl st to first sc. 62 sc. Place marker at end of last rnd." After that, all the rounds are just single crochet until the hat is big enough. I gather the abbreviations mean "increase 6 stitches evenly on next and every following alternate round to 60 sc," but what does that mean? I haven't seen anything worded like this before. Thanks for any help!
  11. I watched the first few rounds of that video by Teresa, and I did everything just like she did. But my chain spaces don't really show up as anything but tiny gaps. I think I must be misunderstanding the directions, because it looks like my stuff has too many stitches. I'm sure that nothing is worked in the back loops or in between the stitches, it's just that each round seemed to have so many stitches that the yarn was piling up and pushing out all over the place. "Rnd 1: With A, ss in next ch. Ch 5. 3 dc in same sp. *Ch 1. Miss next 3 dc. (3 dc. Ch 2. 3 dc) in next sp (corner made). Rep from * twice more. Ch 1. Miss next 3 dc. 2 dc in ch 2 sp from beg of rnd. Ss in 3rd ch of beg ch 5. Break A." in round 1, I count 24 dc not counting the chains? When I did 3 dc ch 2 3 dc to make a corner, it took up so much room that there was barely any space between the corners. I had wanted to take a class but didn't have anyone to take care of my baby at those times. If I knew someone who could show me how to do things, I could learn more in a few minutes than with an hour of reading. thanks for your help.
  12. I tried this again and I've figured out how to make round things, but they look nothing like the pattern. The blue and pink ones are supposed to look like this pattern except with one color of yarn. Green one is supposed to look like this pattern.
  13. That is what I didn't understand until I read the For Dummies link. I was trying to put the stitches into the chains. And my stitch count was wrong too, I did the 3dc 3 times in addition to the part that really did need to be done 3 times. Now you can imagine what a mess I was making with that, there was yarn going in every direction! [3 dc. (Ch 2. 4 dc)] 3 times is written like a "solve for x" math equation and I was never very good with that kind of thing.
  14. There was a ring at the circle when I tried it, but it was way bigger than in the picture even though I crochet pretty tightly... then when I started doing the stitches, instead of gradually turning into something that would start to look like the picture, it was kind of a big wad of yarn with no particular shape. I knew I wasn't putting the stitches in the right place... I can see from the picture that they must go in 4 places to make 4 sides, but the directions didn't seem to match up with the picture. I will try out the tutorials at these links and practice those before I try the dishcloth again so I can visualize how round things began, they are great. I spent most of my baby's nap time yesterday at crochet cabana and I didn't know that For Dummies had a website with stuff from their books. Thanks so much!
  15. I want to make a dishcloth that starts with a ring and I can't understand how to start. You can see the pattern here: http://www.sugarncream.com/pattern.php?PID=2934. You do have to be a registered member of the Sugar n Cream website to see the pattern. The finished cloth looks like this. I made a chain and attached one end to the other end, but I can tell from the photo that this is incorrect because there seems to be one ring at the center. For 3 weeks I've tried to figure this out, then started a different project because I can't get it. How do you start this out? I'm frustrated with making only little squares but I am not sure if I will do this because I can't understand the first round either, even though this is supposed to be a beginner project. thanks for any help you can give.