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  1. This part..... work 1 RDC under post of RDC just completed (Note: Push completed RDC forward so you can get under last criss-cross made) and around post of skipped RDC 2 rows below, 1 RDC around post of last RDC 2 rows below
  2. Row 10 of the front....center section....the last bit of the cables. It's calls for you RDC under the last RDC made and I just can't get that part. Pulling my hair out!!!!
  3. I'm making the Fisherman's crocheted pullover for a friend and have run into a hard time with the 'center panel' of it which is the front of the sweater. If anyone can help me. I'm really stuck on the center panel part of row 10 of the front. I just can't seem to get it right. The pattern is here....Fisherman's Crocheted Pullover
  4. That one's extremely close! Thanks a bunch!!
  5. Thanks everyone. That's a huge help. I looked on Ravelry but I guess I just wasn't looking right...lol. I'm sure there is something that will work. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
  6. I've looked everywhere and just can't find a pattern for a child...about size 4t for an Aran/Fisherman sweater (pullover). I'd love some help!
  7. Thank you so much Jackie (gatesmarch) for the wonderful package. I got it on the weekend but have been so busy I haven't had a chance to post about it. It was such a full box......I feel guilty now There was Christmas ornaments, Tootsie rolls for the kids (just kids...I did not eat any, no, not me) Cotton yarn apple picture frames 4 crochet hooks soaps craft scissors hot chocolate crocheted dishcloth and soap holder clay address book craft needles pens My goodness! So much. Thank you so much Jackie! I loved everything so much. By the way, the 'hat' looking ornament I made for you is actually a bell. Just take the plastic bags out of it and you'll see the pendulum hanging. Thanks again....so much!!
  8. Glad you liked everything. I loved the Crochet Dude Book so I thought you might too. I can't wait to check the mail today!! :cheer
  9. gatesmarch, your parcel is on its way. The confirmation number is 9405503699300422400081 is being sent priority post. I have 'Happy Christmas Swap' and 'Crochetville Swap' written on the outside of the package. I hope you will like everything in it. It's been fun being your swap partner.
  10. Well, this time of the year busy is always good, right? I've been planning and shopping and planning and thinking. Can't wait to put it all together in my mind and in a box to send off!!
  11. Now I'm excited. I cannot wait. I've been so busy lately that I haven't posted much on the board but I will start....nnnnnnnnnnnow!!!
  12. I have been emailing my partner...gatesmarch...and we've been finding out about each other. I think this is a great match. Can't wait to start sending something out!
  13. Well, it's been a while but looks like I came back at the right time. I was just telling hubby that I had to get back into this board because I've been gone so long and I really miss it. I log on and see my favorite swap going on...how I could I not join???
  14. jchllm

    My new baby

    Shelle, your story brought tears to my eyes. Let me say this...your daughter is one smart cookie. She knows her mom, that's for sure. What a great friend she is to you. My parents have a JRT and she's never sat still a day in her life. I sure know when it's her time my parents will be heartbroken, as will I. She's quite a character. Crazy, isn't it, how attached we grow to these little creatures? They steal our hearts like no one or nothing else can. I just wish they lived as long as we did. You are so lucky to have a new 'baby'. She's adorable .... and priceless!
  15. Thank you to everyone who tested this for me!!! :hug
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