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  1. I haven't had a chance to start mine yet but I really really want to and will as soon as I get some other stuff out of the way! DH loves this pattern and wants me to make it for him!!
  2. I like to use Bernat Super Saver....it comes in 7 oz skeins and is ver nice to work with. Not as stiff as RH but not as flimsy as Caron SS. It turns out so soft and cuddly after it's washed too. It's what I'll be using for sure to make mine!!
  3. Well, now I have to make 3 of these. Hubby liked it so much that he picked this as the pattern he wants his new 'blanet' to be. He's been bugging me for months to make him a 'blanket without holes so my toes don't stick through'...so this is the one!!!!! Phew!!
  4. Alrighty, I'm the newest one to find this gem of a pattern. This will be absolutely perfect for my son and my brother for Christmas presents. I will do a black/red one for my son and blue/red one for my brother, I think. Now, if wanted to make it a bit bigger (like Jimbo's) because they are both tall and the blankets need to cover their feet, how much yarn will I likely need? I know everyone talks in pounds, but how many skeins, approx, will I need? When I find out I can go shopping!!! Awesomely fantastic pattern!!!
  5. Thanks for the tip Donna. I will likely do that. Hmm, now to find a star pattern that I can work into it. I'm still pretty much on the basic level of this stuff but I catch on quick. I just wish I had someone showing me instead of having to teach it to myself through books, etc. Thanks for all your help. Lisa p.s....Saw all the blogs on here and decided to try making one myself. I will post what I get done when I get it done....thanks http://playfulyarn.blogspot.com/
  6. That is so pretty. My problem? Hubby wants one for our bed, which is a queen size. Told him he was crazy but I'll see what I can do. MEN!! lol
  7. Thankful, that is......
  8. Fran, I would be so thanful if you could do that..........as would my husband!! lisa and james629 @sbcglobal.net is my email address. Thank you so much for your help!
  9. Hi all. Well, I'm almost done one afghan now my husband has put in his order but I can't find it anywhere. He really wants me to make him a Texas flag afghan. Does anyone have one to share or know where I can find one? I would really appreciate it. thanks Lisa
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