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  1. Been gone for a while. I started school too. I am a mom of 2 and I am 40 going back to school was a big decision for me. I love it though. You wouldnt believe the mixture of people young to older. I dont feel so out of place either. well hope everyone didnt miss me to much hugs
  2. sound fun did it evr work
  3. i love your nick name and congrats on learning to crochet a friend taught me.. welcome
  4. those are pretty nice, i got te 2010 calendar for christmas and it had a pair of baby booties and i just extended the pattern to fit adults,,, nice job though:hook
  5. what a wonderful way to bless so many
  6. Looks like you did a good job. i have noticed sometimes a wash makes the afghan lay better...
  7. do they have swaps here?
  8. I am kyrsten watson, I live in ohio. dayton area... I am new at crocheting just 2 yrs. hope to learn more..
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