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  1. The "Slouchy Grouchy Chowder Hat" used to be posted on here, but when I tried to follow the link from CPC I found an error message saying that I did not have permission to view it, which is strange because I used to be able to see it. (I just never saved it and printed it.) What happened? Did the author take it down or something? Help please!
  2. Thank you so much for all your help, ladies. I think I'll be going with the HL yarn, since it is fairly cheap and easy to wash. I'll be sure to let you all see the finished project.
  3. Caron SS Paints - Sunset: http://www.shopcaron.com/Simply-Softreg-Paints--Sunset_p_187.html Patons Decor (Tapestry or Autumn): http://www.patonsyarns.com/product.php?LGC=decor&SPP=999 These aren't quite what you wanted but they might be closer to what you're looking for. Also, RH has a variegated shade of SS called Zebra that has black and white in it, maybe you could use two strands at once with your Lipstick shade.
  4. A friend of mine is expecting his first baby (a girl!) in August, and I promised him that I would make him a blanket. But while I'm trying to decide on a pattern, I'm having trouble finding yarn. I've never done a baby item before, so I'm not sure what yarn would be appropriate for a baby blanket that is soft enough not to scratch the newborn's skin. I like the Bernat Baby Coordinates, which are $3.99 at my local Hobby Lobby, but other than that I'm pretty lost. Baby/sport weight or WW yarn is fine. (I'll just add/subtract a few rounds depending on what I get.) I would also love to not pay more than $3-4 a skein, since I'll probably need two or three. Help, ideas, suggestions . . . ? **edit: It would also be really great if the yarn came in a lavender/purple color, as that is the color they chose for the nursery.
  5. I am just curious to see the age of my fellow hookers on here. I'm 18 and I've been crocheting since I was 16. It's funny because sometimes I will take my crochet to school with me and my friends give me funny looks. (That is, until they want me to make them something.) So how old are you? I know that crochet (and knit, for that matter) isn't just for your 80-year-old grandmother anymore, though I'm sure some grandmas out there still enjoy it.
  6. My senior prom is in about 6 weeks and I want to make myself a pair of these gloves (http://crochetinsider.com/pattern/afternoon-tea-fingerless-gloves), which are just gorgeous. However, I will not be buying the recommended yarn because it is very expensive and, since I crochet very slowly, by the time it arrived I probably wouldn't finish the gloves by the time prom rolled around. So I am looking for somewhere to buy some inexpensive, but still nice, fingering weight yarn. (And by fingering weight I mean category 1, or super-fine yarn. I've found a couple websites that say 'fingering' is the same is category 3, or sport weight, but that isn't what I need.) Locally we have a Michael's, a Hobby Lobby, a JoAnn's, and Wal-mart of course. Anybody have any ideas?
  7. I've been working on this top-down tank (http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/WebLetter/41/Issue41.php) and when I started it the first time, I started it in a size L, with a bust size of 42". (I have a bust size of 39" and normally buy ladies' tops in a size L at the store.) When I got about halfway done with the yoke I realized it was huge and started over with a size M. I am nearly done with the top but when I try it on it still feels like it's too big, even though the bust size says it's 38". Anyway. I read somewhere that when you make crochet garments the finished measurements should be 1-3" smaller than your actual body measurements - is this accurate? Perhaps my gauge is just too loose. Any suggestions would be welcome. [url=http://www.classiceliteyarns.com/WebLetter/41/Issue41.php][/url]
  8. I thought this was kind of neat - for the past two weeks now, two crews on this show (one is Blueprint Cru, I can't remember who the other one was) have been wearing various types of crocheted hats on the show. Apparently the yarn offer good protection for head spins and other crazy stuff like that.
  9. I do but I'm really careful about making sure they are more-or-less the same thickness wise. Like I've noticed that Red Heart SS tends to run a bit thicker than my other worsted-weight yarns (like Vanna's Choice or Caron Simply Soft), so those projects come out bigger than if I had used a different yarn.
  10. DustyChica

    Carron SS

    At the Michael's here they normally sell SS for $2.99 in 6-oz skeins (though I think the ombre/variegated yarn comes in smaller skeins). Walmart sells them for slightly cheaper (about $2.79), and Hobby Lobby is the most expensive at $3.79 a skein.
  11. A friend of mine wants me to make her boyfriend a Robin Hood/Peter Pan hat (see picture: http://www.lords-n-ladies.com/robinhood.jpg ) but I can't find a pattern to save my life. I *might* try to attempt one by myself, but I'd rather try to find one first. Any ideas?
  12. That's so cool! Last October I did the 3-mile Walk for the Cure with a bunch of friends from school . . . I should get one of these.
  13. Thanks everyone for all the ideas. In my area we have a Michael's (which is supposedly extending their yarn selection), a Joann's, and a Hobby Lobby. None of them sell ribbon yarn (which Diana says might not be the best idea), and I haven't seen Glitterspun or the Patons yarn either. Not that I've looked very hard though. I will certainly check to see what they have. I've yet to decide on a pattern because I haven't actually bought the dress yet. I'm going shopping next weekend, so after I buy the dress I'll start looking at patterns. I don't mind acrylic yarn. I use it for most of my projects. I just want the shawl to look nice and not like an afghan turned sideways.
  14. My senior prom is coming up in a couple of months, and I was thinking that I might like to make myself a pretty wrap to wear (since it'll still be a bit chilly when prom rolls around). However, I'm not sure what kind of yarn to use without it looking ridiculous. This is a formal event, after all, and I think that an acrylic/cotton crochet wrap would kinda kill the black-tie-affair feeling of the dress. Any ideas? I've considered ribbon yarn, but that's a little hard to find around here . . . Suggestions are welcome.
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