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  1. Wow...I don't know how you guys whiz thru your crocheting so fast. I must be the slowest crocheter on the planet. I'm not feeling well & haven't accomplished much of anything again today.
  2. RoseRed, I love your new afghan. The red looks great as a flannel. I bought some turquoise & black to start on a flannel ghan for hubby & then he decided he wants more colors...so I'm workin on my other one for now. I haven't gotten much done the past few days.
  3. Greg, I'm still not sure what size I'm going to make mine. I started out planning to make it king-size, but it's so thick/heavy that I think it might be too bulky if it's that big. I guess I'll just work on it 'til I get tired of it. Please post pics if you can.
  4. Smileyface, are you already starting on your border? I just love how this works up so fast. I'm going to stop on my way home from school to get more soft white yarn to finish up my ghan!!
  5. for the compliments on my cape! Rose, I can't wait to see your 8-point star afghan. It's turning out HUGE! I hope you won't mind telling us how you made it. I can just see that in bright colors on top of a white bedspread. I thought I was so clever yesterday when I picked out colors for hubby's flannel ghan. I got turquoise & black...and he said he wants MORE colors in it...and to add some red, orange, etc....so he wants is more like the one I've been doing in soft white rather than a flannel ghan. I don't have any imagination, so it's hard to figure out what he's looking for whe
  6. I also posted this on another thread but wanted to post here, too, since I told you gals I'd post a picture of my finished ripple cape. Here it is...
  7. I've got 3 panels done (although I think I'm gonna make them longer) but my afghan is temporarily on hold until I find my hook and buy more yarn (and probably buy a new hook as well).
  8. Hubby's suggestion for my next ghan is to use 3-4 colors. Anybody got a suggestion for how to use 3 or 4 colors and keep the flannel look? I can't picture the color pattern in my mind. He's saying use black, white, and another color or 2....so if I used 3 colors, then I'd have 6 colors of squares...for example, if I used black, white, and red....I'd have squares of black, white, red, black/white, red/white, and black/red. WHAT??
  9. Rose, I'd love to see your 8-point star and your 16-point star (?)...sounds great!! My afghan is temporarily on hold cuz my toddler helped me lose my only size M hook!!!
  10. Rose, I think it's great that we're all doing our own variations. It lets us use our own creativity, while inspiring others to do the same. We can get great ideas from each other this way! I think the CAL (and the name of it) are just fine the way they are. Rose, you asked if there was supposed to be a row of white between my squares. No, there's not. I just hadn't pulled the squares together just right and that's why it looked like an extra row of white there. I fixed that when I worked on my ghan last night. I also used your idea of tying the squares together at the corners
  11. Sprtsbear, welcome to the CAL. I look forward to seeing your afghan in progress. Pinks and greens are my favorite colors...actually mauves & jades...are those the shades you're using?
  12. Tamugrad, I remember having trouble with squares/hooks/gauge when making that afghan also. I kept having to switch hooks & starting all over on squares. It was really frustrating. I was working on it with a friend who had the same problem. I think it's a problem with a lot of the patterns. If I ever make an afghan of squares again, I will use squares that I've made before, that I know I like, and where I know they'll all work up the same size. And speaking of changing patterns (as I usually do)......if/when I make this flannelghan again....I'm gonna make it one piece. I had forgo
  13. Thanks, Tamugrad02. Hope to have you join us. BTW, I made that 63 squares afghan a few years ago & got so sick of making squares that my version ended up being 48 squares (6 x 8) instead!
  14. Here's a close-up of the joining I've worked on this afternoon. The one at the bottom (between the brown & white) was an "invisible seam" and is the one I prefer of the two that I tried. The one between the maroon & white is an overcast stitch and I like that it went a lot faster but I think it shows up more...yet it seems like the brown/white edge is a little more distorted (not as straight) from the seam. What do you all think? I'm waiting for your feedback before I continue, so please let me know! Thanks!
  15. Rose, I forgot to say I like your star ghan. I always like ripple designs. I've got a ripple cape that I finished up about a month ago. I'll take a picture & post it when I have time.
  16. Smileyface, no, I haven't started on that part yet. Last night I decided to finish up another strip instead. I'll let you guys know when I do - and how it goes.
  17. Thanks, Smileyface...yours looks great, too! I really like those colors. Here's an updated photo of mine. I'm glad it's finally gotten big enough to where I can use the colors for a 2nd time without them being too close to the other ones.
  18. Rose, sorry if that came across wrong. Sewing these strips just seems different to me than putting squares together. When I've made afghans with squares, I've always sewn the squares together thru the back loops, but with these strips, there ARE no back loops...so I guess I just can't quite picture it in my silly mind . I'm a hands-on learner & I have to do it myself before it clicks sometimes. I just need to sit down with it & figure it out when I have time. I had hoped to start sewing strips together today, but I have a sick toddler, so I haven't done much of anything except
  19. Sorry, but those sites didn't get it for me. One was for knitted pieces, and the other was for sewing squares together, which is different than working up the sides of long strips. I found another tutorial at http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/joining_squares.htm This one has some helpful information, and I think I'm going to try the mattress stitch a.k.a. invisible weaving. The pictures for this version aren't the best, but I'll let you all know what I find out. http://www.crochetcabana.com/tutorials/joining_squares.htm Here's another one with a little better picture for th
  20. My version of this afghan doesn't look a thing like RoseRed's. I started making it after seeing her picture, but I just sorta made up my own pattern. I'm doing it in strips like hers, but I'm doing mine in sc's. (I wish I'd thought to do it in dc's cuz then it would go even faster!) I do like the pattern and it works up really fast....AND it's extra thick and warm! I'm using 2 strands of Red Heart super saver yarn and an M hook. If I make this again, I'll go up a size or 2 in hooks, just in case that helps anybody out. It's really warm & I like it a lot, but it could be just a little
  21. Count me in too, although my afghan really isn't much like RoseRed's except that it's made with 2 strands of yarn and it's in blocks.
  22. Thanks so much for posting your adorable patterns. My 9-year old daughter is just learning to crochet and now she's eager to make one of your little turtles...then she wants to make some of the little "all the children of the world." I think she's HOOKED!
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