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  1. I'm using sort of a memorized pattern I guess you'd say.  12 dc's on the 1st round, then 24, then 36, etc.  I'm using a lightweight yarn, so I got up to 84 stitches before it was about 6.5" across and time to start working down the sides.  

  2. My basic beanie is flat on top as it should be, and when I stop the increases to start working down the side, if I lay it flat, it's puckered.  My stitch count is correct.  I've crocheted for many years and I've seen this before but haven't made hats for awhile so I haven't had this problem for a long time.  As I work more down the side, the hat has sort of a boxy look, kinda square-ish on top since the top was made in a flat circle.  Does someone have another good method?  

  3. I forgot to add that some of my Red Heart "soft white" is a darker shade. If you look closely at the strip at the bottom of the picture, the soft white is a little bit darker. The original strips I did, I used the same yarn - Red Heart soft white - that I had bought who-knows-when...and the last strips I did, I used NEW Red Heart soft white & apparently they've changed the color a bit. I didn't notice it until sewing the strips together last night...but I'm NOT going back & changing it at this point. Hubby said it adds character! :lol What do you guys think?

  4. MrsCrochetPants, I think the turquoise & white will be great! I bought turquoise & black & hubby decided it wasn't colorful enough for him, so I've put my 2nd flannel ghan on the back burner for now. Actually, I need to finish my 1st one anyway. :lol


    Smileyface, glad to see you back, and thanks for the compliment! Your afghan turned out GREAT! Isn't it funny how we've all enjoyed making these so much that we're starting on 2nd ones?!


    Around74, I think your cream & brown will also be great. I hope you can post pictures for us to see.


    Wow...I love the $3.97 per pound price of the Mainstays! I've never used that before but I'll definitely try it out when YARN is back in the budget!

  5. Greg, I'm usually a perfectionist about my work too, but I wouldn't go back and frog a whole strip. Maybe you could do a row of sc's up the side to make it wider, just on the part where you had dropped a stitch. :think I don't think it would show up much once you got it sewn together.


    RoseRed, I love your red and black flannel ghan. The colors are perfect! You're whipping right through these things. What will you work on next?


    I'll be sewing my strips together today (just 2 more to attach). I still haven't decided how big to make my ghan, but I won't have much time for crocheting today anyway, so I'll decide later.


    I HATE the new hook I got since I lost my other one. It has sort of a flat section on it and where the rounded part and flat part come together (hard to explain) there's sort of an edge that has made my thumb really sore. :thumbdown

  6. RoseRed, thanks for the FANTASTIC suggestion! I hadn't thought of that. I'll try that later & see how it looks.


    I think I'm going to make a 5th strip & then add 1 more block at the top of each one & that's it. I had started out thinking this would be king-sized but I think it might be too heavy/bulky if I make it that big. I'll get the 5th strip on it & then decide.


    I can't wait to get my school work done today so I can crochet some more!! :devil

  7. Here's my ghan as of tonight...



    I have a problem though, and I wonder if anybody has a suggestion. My brown square - toward the top right of this picture is bigger than the others. Here's a better picture...




    I guess I started the row with looser stitches or something. See how it's bigger toward the end on the right? Any suggestions? I can't frog it because this was the first row of the strip. If nothing else, I'll just sew the next strip on & just hope/pray it doesn't show much. :think

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