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  1. I'm using sort of a memorized pattern I guess you'd say. 12 dc's on the 1st round, then 24, then 36, etc. I'm using a lightweight yarn, so I got up to 84 stitches before it was about 6.5" across and time to start working down the sides.
  2. My basic beanie is flat on top as it should be, and when I stop the increases to start working down the side, if I lay it flat, it's puckered. My stitch count is correct. I've crocheted for many years and I've seen this before but haven't made hats for awhile so I haven't had this problem for a long time. As I work more down the side, the hat has sort of a boxy look, kinda square-ish on top since the top was made in a flat circle. Does someone have another good method?
  3. I'm making a hat (84 sts) on dpn's and it's about to drive me bonkers because the stitches keep falling off the ends of the needles. This is only the 2nd time I've made a hat in the round, thereby avoiding a seam up the back. Would this be easier (or even feasible) on circular needles? I haven't done that before. It seems like circular needles would be too long for something as small as a hat, but I don't really know. I hope someone with more experience can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance!
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    Chemo Caps

    Thanks for the sites and tips!
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    Chemo Caps

    I want to make some chemo-type hats for my MIL, who will be undergoing brain surgery next month for Parkinson's Disease. I've never made hats like this, so I don't know where to start. I think they'll need to be extra soft and warm, as her head will be bald and scarred, and the fall chill is here. Any input from others who have made similar items? Yarn type(s), pattern(s), etc.? Maybe even sewn hats from fleece? Thanks in advance! Croshay
  6. I really like this. I hope you'll show us a photo when you're finished.
  7. I chose Red Heart super saver for making an afghan - because of the availability of so many colors - but I find this yarn to be stiff and scratchy. What do you guys and gals use for good color choices with softness?
  8. These are the other 2 colors I'll use, Red Heart super saver in gold and carrot. I'll also use white, but there's no point in adding a graphic of that color.
  9. These are 3 of the colors I'll use...2 more to follow... These are Red Heart super saver yarn in turqua, shocking pink, and soft navy.
  10. These are the colors she has decided on now. I'm going to use yarn in colors as close to these as I can get, and I'm going to put white in between them somehow. Haven't decided yet on a pattern...
  11. The pattern uses 2 colors, but I might use it with more colors instead.
  12. It doesn't look hard to duplicate, if you can get a clear photo printed. I'd sure try that before paying the price on Etsy!
  13. I love the triangle-shaped ones...they cover your back better, so they're warmer.
  14. Thanks so much for the suggestions! There are 3 of those that I really like and I'm considering. What do you ladies think of this one? http://www.marymaxim.ca/books-patterns/free-patterns/free-afghan-crochet-pattern-1.html Maybe put the "lamb" (off-white) as the grid color or whatever it's called and do rows of the other colors; light blue, darker blue, green, and coral? Not sure if the colors would "pop" that way...the outline is not bold enough. I don't really want to switch to a white or black...but maybe an even darker blue? Thanks so much for helping me with my project!
  15. You could try google.com and do a search for "Lauri vintage crochet". I just tried it and several sites came up. HTH.
  16. The colors she chose are from Vanna's Choice; sweet pea (pea green), little boy blue (med. blue), sapphire (darker blue), and lamb (off-white)...and I'm going to add a shade of coral when I find a color I like.
  17. I want to make an afghan for my daughter. She has chosen colors with a beach theme. She likes ripples, nothing too holey, but granny squares are "ok" she said...no fringe...and she wants it to be rectangular in shape. I thought of a granny ripple but that seems so boring with the gorgeous colors. Suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  18. I'm in Louisville, Kentucky. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and they only had about 10 colors of I Love This Yarn in worsted weight, and they had even less than that in Red Heart Super Saver. They had 3 colors of Caron Simply Soft. About 2/3 of the shelves in this area were empty. They must be doing away with their yarn department or something. Wal-mart is hit or miss with what I can find there. The only other option I've found is ordering online which is more expensive, plus paying for shipping and handling. Where do others get yarn?
  19. I've seen that pattern on pinterest, and I think it was in potholders. You could go there and see different variations, and maybe that will help you decide.
  20. Wheat, thank you for that information. However, I don't see the pattern listed in the magazine you referenced. I would be glad to purchase the full pattern - preferably in English - if it is available.
  21. Yeah, I noticed that. I thought I'd start with about a J hook (it calls for H and I tend to crochet a little on the tight side) and see how it works up. Since the end result is supposed to be open and airy anyway, I think it will be fine. Thanks so much for your help and input!
  22. Mattenylou, thanks so much for poking around and helping me out! I think I'm going to go with this 5th Avenue Coastal Cotton Yarn that I'd never heard of before. http://www.herrschners.com/Product/5th+Avenue+Coastal+Cotton+Yarn+1.aspx Now I just have to decide which color. I'm thinking orange peel or caribbean sea...
  23. I found a pattern online that I want to make, and the yarn used is Linie 274 Big Size. It's 50% cotton and 50% polyacrylic. For the knitting needles, it shows 5,5 - 7,0 (commas in between those numbers, no idea what that means). The gauge shows 20 rows or 14 sc to be 10 cm. What can I use that's comparable? The pattern is in German, which isn't a huge problem, because it's mainly following a graph...and I already typed in the instructions into a translator and that part is "fairly" clear now...at least enough that I'm confident I can make it. I just have to figure out a comp
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