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    Married, 7 children, most grown, 8 grandchildren
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    Long Beach ,WA
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    crocheting, sewing, drawing, reading, cooking
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  1. last I counted it was at 21 /18 gal tubs, a wall unit that my husband put cubbies in, a 4 paneled wardrobe, 5 of th largest vacumm bags, not to mention the pretty storage boxes in the shelf unit that my husband made for me in the bedroom, oh yeah and the yarn I have stashed in my daughters closet. Carolyn
  2. Hi! I live in Long Beach, WA. We go to Longview, and Kelso shopping alot. I live almost on the ocean, love it here. I've been crocheting for a very long time, and I have a stash so large everyone says I could open my own yarn shop, I love yarn, the look of it the feel of it, and how it looks when I get the project finished. I have been teaching my daughter and my daughter in law. Carolyn
  3. Hi! I live on the Long Beach Peninsula, in Southwest WA. I Love to crochet, do some knitting, sew, paint, draw, and love to cook, and bake. I have lived here for around 5 years, moved here from Arizona, and I grew up in IN. Carolyn
  4. Hi! I'm origianallly from Indiana I was born in Indy, and lived in New Castle, one of my daughters still lives in New Castle and my mother and younger sister live in Indy, MY youngest daughter and I just got back from there. I live in Long Beach, WA. now allmost right on the ocean. Carolyn
  5. /\I am so glad that I am in such good company, I had over 25 18 gal tubs all categorized in a notebook with little pieces of yarn to show what was in each tub, this my DH put in the attic for me, I could look at the book and see what yarn I had and decide which yarn for what pattern, BUT I couldn't touch it feel the power of the yarn. the call to make something with it, so my DH made shelves and more shelves in our downstairs, We have a large 3 story beach home that has the main living area on the second floor, a view room is the 3rd, and a couple of bedrooms laundry room (bath room, and garage on the ground floor. He got a Huge Closet type thing from some one, and made shelves in it for me. My stash is Huge my patterns all most as big I am making lots of presents for all of my daughters, and grandchildren, so I won't be depressed right now.
  6. Hi! Am I too late? If not I would love to get some of the crochet stuff. Just Let me know what you have left and how much. Carolyn
  7. Hi! I am now in the process of making this beautiful skirt, I'm making it in Berroco Lullaby in a pretty soft Lavendar gray, I will post pictures when it is done. That might be a while, I'm crocheting an Irish rose neckless for my soon to be daughter in law to wear at the wedding, and I am making kilts for the men in the wedding. Carolyn
  8. I hope you like it here, great crochet, and great people. Carolyn
  9. I just love your patterns, I've never really tried flowers before just about everything else, so now I am excited about crocheting flowers. Thanks for the great patterns. Carolyn
  10. Hi! you wouldn't belive the amount of patterns, mags and crochet books I have, some dating from the 20's & 30's. My DH loves to build things, so I have shelves for my books and fabric (sew to) I have a 4 drawer filling cab that I have all my crochet mags in, and some loose patterns, I have several 4in binders of patterns. I am trying to put the binders in order, the cabinet has been done for about a month now. I'm in the process of making my DD a shrug for her to wear to her winter ball (she is making the dress), and I'm making a ballet set and ballet shoes for my tiny 4 year old grand daughter, she wears size 2-3 in clothes. I just finisher her a poncho, and my other grand daughter that just turned 4 she wears a roung a size 5. I have been teaching my DD how to crochet and she is doing very well. Carolyn:c9
  11. Hi! I live in Long Beach in southwest WA. right on the coast, I'm an 1/8 of a mile from the ocean. We moved here 3 1/2 years ago from Bullhead City AZ. Carolyn:hook
  12. accook1


    My name is Carolyn, I live on the Long Beach Peninsula, on the Western coast of WA. about an 1/8 of a mile to the Ocean. I've been crocheting for around 25-30 years, I tought myself and have inproved over the years. My DH has made me a knitting board, and a sock loom, so I can knit. I have trouble with the 2 needles because I have fibromyalgia and my hands and arms hurt most of the time, left is worst than the right so I can still crochet, I would have to lose my arms to stop I love it so much. I look forward to spending time with the great people on this forum. Carolyn:hook Try, try again but sometimes you just have to start over again.
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