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  1. Congrats on your new pattern book!! I just signed up for Hobby Lobby's email subscription and they have send me a 40% off coupon 3 different times...you just print and take it with you...I used the same coupon 3 times in one week, when buying Christmas "crochet books" for my besties! lol Saved me a bundle!
  2. I have been crocheting for the past 6 months and I'm loving it! I'm a stay at home mom with all the kids in school, so I've had lots of time to experiment and practice lately. I dug out some doilies made by my grandmother and great-grandmother and I really want to work with the same type of thread they used... Does anyone know what thread would be similar to the thread they used years and years ago? or if it would even be feasible for me to try it. Seems as though all the thread I've bought to try is more like fishing line, and is hard to keep on my hook....the loops slip off very easily. I'm positive the thread they used was probably some of the least expensive out there. Also a suggestion of hooks would be nice. I have a Boye #5 steel hook....is that a nice size for a beginner? Thanks in advance!
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