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    3 kids,3 gr-daughters..7,2 and 1, married 47 yrs! love crocheting for grands!
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    sw pa
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    crocheting, reading cooking
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    granny and mom
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    burial outfits kids clothing
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  1. grannytme

    beard hat pattern?

    I use these pattens, they are on topsey turvey I think thats the right spelling!
  2. grannytme

    toddler hat with flaps

    take a look at ...crochet pattern central.....pinterest ...ravelry or just put...earflap hats in search bar I make them a lot owl .cat, dog you name it for me the owls are the easiest.
  3. grannytme

    Fat bottom bag pattern

    Thank you soooo much!!!! I've been wanting to do this for my DD Christmas present, now I'm ready to go! You're a blessing to me.
  4. grannytme

    Crochet Vine Flower Lariat/Scarf Pattern

    there are many listed on pinterest you need to join but its free
  5. grannytme

    Mohawk hat

    Great job!!!! I male these also. The most time is spent doing the hair. Very neatly done.
  6. grannytme

    Spanish Tiles Afghan

    WOW!!! that is really a beautiful. I can only imagine the ends!that is a prize winner!
  7. grannytme

    pattern for wedding dress???

  8. grannytme

    Accessories for shawl

    I don't know what they are called but... the the things you use to hold long hair in the back . It looks like a ring with a stick thru it. I think it would very well. I to have arthritis and use these for closures.
  9. grannytme

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    welcome! Latrobe,Pa here. Almost neighbors!
  10. grannytme

    Big Hello from UK.

    hello welcome from Pennsylvania!
  11. grannytme

    Hello From Pa

    Glad you found us, welcome! I'm from sw Pa.
  12. grannytme

    Hello, hello!

    welcome from Latrobe, Pa!!!
  13. grannytme

    afghans and scarves for homeless outreach

    what was the count on items received for this year?
  14. grannytme

    Log Cabin Afghan - gifted

    The look on your moms face says it all !!! What a wonderful gift for those you love.
  15. grannytme


    Welcome from sw Pa!!! Do you live in a snowy area of Pa? I spend winters and to be honest summers also crocheting. I send hats scarves baby things and chemo items to who ever needs them. God bless you and give you lots of places and people who need your gifts of love!