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  1. I agree completely! I use the organizational tools, find lots of wonderful patterns, and love to see the creativity in yarn selection, colors, and adjustments folks have made to patterns I'm interested in. Definitely worth it
  2. I've really got to stick to a plan this year, so I'm in. Here's the start of my list: Son #1 - Ripple in reds for bed -Crochet Son #2 - Ripple in blues for bed - Crochet Son #3 - A bunch of Ninja amigurumi - Crochet My mom - Place mats/dish cloths Crochet Family Gift Exchange - Knitted scarf Christmas Decorations - At least 12 snowflakes, several trees - Crochet Hackey Sacks for my students (aprox. 30)
  3. Count me in!!!! I'm going to try to get at least one a month done
  4. Beautiful, I love them all! What pattern did you use?
  5. Firefox is a great browser. It has a feature where you can store all your bookmarks on line so no matter what computer you are using (ie home, office, etc) you can access all your bookmarks. Its a great way to back up those important links
  6. Most of my patterns are on the computer. I've printed out my absolute favorites and have them in three binders. As for projects, I've got waaaay too many going on to count
  7. creativepassage

    Twin Batz

    I love these!!! Very cute!
  8. Me three! It is very relaxing and grounding for me...otherwise I'd be thinking "teaching" 24/7 and that will drive a person looney
  9. I need to get busy too! I've got several crochet and knit things to get done. My list: 1. Afghan for son #1 2. Afghan for son #2 (two-thrids done) 3. Shoulder bag for my mom. (almost done!) 4. 3 pairs slippers 5. Hobo bag for me!
  10. What a cute monster! You could do all kinds of colors and different fun yarns.
  11. I love it! This would be perfect for my chocolate loving mom
  12. I love to do both. It seems that I go through cycles, first crocheting for a while and then knitting.
  13. Way too may pets here, but I'm ruled by two felines!!
  14. I prefer digital ones too. I'm in the process of de-cluttering, so I like how easy it is to store patterns...I have a copy on a jump drive, burned to cd and in my email
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