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    I am a LPN that lives in southern Alberta Canada
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  1. I read it this way ch 2 and doulble stitch in each stitch so it would look like you have a extra but you wont because in the next row you decrease one so if the rows go corectly then you should have as many or less depending on how many you started with because of the decreases in row 8 now i really confused you huh? Donna
  2. you chain one but still make a single stitch in the first one. so it really would be 7 single whites and change to blue.
  3. move the forth row to the end by three spaces
  4. whn you do a letter like the "s" you need to make it two stiches xxxxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxx this way if you are on the back or front they will show up
  5. I have done a couple of tiggers about 13 years ago for my nieces....they were cute but the colors were really hard to find!
  6. everybody has their own talents. You I am sure out shine me in yours.
  7. Donna Gresiuk

    Coca Cola

    I made this one just for the fun of it. It didnt take very long (30 hours) and with only 3 colors it didnt use alot of yarn either.
  8. I just buy books of them from the glass stores. and yes it is all singles.
  9. It is another stain glass pattern that I modified for crochetting.
  10. Donna Gresiuk


    this is a blanket I made for my brother two Xmas's ago. it is queen sized. the crystal ball it is holding has shiney sliver going through it so it kinda of sparkles.
  11. it was a varigated pink/red yarn....made it look kinda 3D
  12. another blanket I made for a co-workers new baby.
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