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  1. Thanks everyone for the great comments on my babies. Julie...I have 9 boys and 3 girls and love them all so much...its amazing how they can feel lie your own.Trentys full name is Trenty Merrie Grigartis and they named their son Wesley Billy-Bob Grigartis(we call him B-Bob)...yes you read that right...my son is nuts. Tammy....i still have one at home to that's 15 so i know how you feel...hes a really easy one though and pretty much raises himself...hes home-schooled so i dont even have to get up early and he pretty much keeps my hours. This is the closest i have to all of them toget
  2. Dusti...that is really pretty and so sweet of you. Got a new photo of my 2 oldest Granddaughters.Its so hard to believe i have 12 Grandbabies all under age 7(makes me feel old) Gracie 4 & Trenty 3....they are to sweet.I sure miss them.
  3. Very nice....love the jacket!! I'm so glad it went well and its the last...i have to go in on Thursday to get my eyes checked and i cant wait because im tired of the headaches and not being able to see without everything being blurry.Ive never had glasses before so im kind of worried about that. Nite Everyone
  4. Tammy...enjoy your free time we all know how hard it is to come by....i could use a cup of that coffee...we are out till DH gets home
  5. Linda I hope the meds work and that she gets better soon and doesn't end in the hospital again... and prayers for you all.
  6. Wow you Ladies are hard to keep up with I woke with a headache so im just taking it slow today and making some green hexagons...i will need lots of them...im making it king size so i have a ways to go...i have done 176 hexs so far and sewed them together. Dusti...this was not a pattern...i didn't like the one with the small hexs so i made my own hexagon so it would be more solid. Off to find my DS who has gotten to quiet!!!
  7. That is very pretty....what pattern did you use....i need to get one made for my new Grand-baby. Tammy my friend...i am so glad things are working out better now and that they are all feeling better...love your totes Love the way it runs together. Very cute and i love the colors you used. Chrizty.....The best advise i can give you is to weave as you go and do small sections at a time...ive done about 3 of them,this is the one i did last and boy did it take a while but so worth it in the end.Most people dont like sewing together but for me its calming.
  8. Evening Ladies!! Thanks for the welcome back(im one of those people who when sick pulls in my head and hides from the world,i didn't even have my sister Sissie to hound me this time because she been such a mess i kept allot from her allso,so sorry for just leaving y'all hanging)....it was a great day for me...i cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom,i could just see my DH pumping his fist in the air ....after that i sat on the front porch and crocheted my little heart out...it was so nice and warm(82 degrees)then i made homemade Spigitti sauce and it was great.Now im going to sit in front
  9. Hi Ladies!! Can i join back in...its taken months and 4 trips to the hospital to figure out all that was wrong and to get my meds right(to high,to low,allergic to one,total body lock up)and i still have an off day here and there...but im so much better then i was...I'm just working on one thing right now so i don't stress myself out.I'm going back to the beginning when i first met you ladies and am making a Grandmothers Flower Garden with a hexagon that i made up. Missed you Ladies
  10. Hi LeeAnn...i love the way yours turned out...can you tell me what yarn and colors you used and the hook size...Thanks.
  11. Thats very pretty Nicole...What size hook are you using??
  12. Wow...lots of work!! My son has been bugging me for 2 years to make him one for the Giants...
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