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    Priceville/Decatur, Alabama
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    Crochet, reading, scrapbooking (kinda), and watching football and NASCAR
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    Stay at home mom
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    2002, picked up again in 2014
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  1. abud24

    Corner To Corner Afghan

    Beautiful, and I love the color.
  2. abud24

    Note about baby bassinet

    Woo, that's great. Congratulations!
  3. abud24

    2 baby/toddler blankets

    They look great! I love how bright they are!
  4. abud24

    Strawberry/Watermelon Cotton Set

    I love these, and I think your secret pal will too!
  5. abud24

    Sunshine Set

    I really like these, so bright and cheery. I especially like the swirly potholder.
  6. abud24

    Ponchos for My Girls!

    Very nice ponchos! I'm going to have to look for that leaflet!
  7. abud24

    Toddler Sundress - FINALLY!

    What a cute dress!
  8. abud24

    My first completed item!-Bib

    What a cute boy! And the bib is great too. I love tthat it slips over his head, I may have to borrow the idea for my baby girl!
  9. abud24

    Small Bunny

    Aww, that's adorable!
  10. abud24

    Bernat Survey

    Thanks for letting us know, I just finished it. Can't wait for the patterns!
  11. abud24

    Arizona anyone?

    :rainSupposed to rain later this week!
  12. abud24

    Hello to all from Arizona!

    Welcome from a fellow Arizonan (is that right?) . I'm down here in Tucson.
  13. abud24

    Susan from Central Illinois Says "Hello!"

    Hi Susan, and welcome from Tucson. I'm originally from Central IL as well, hubby and I grew up in the Pekin/Peoria area and our families are still there. We get back just about every summer.
  14. abud24

    Anyone from Central IL around here??

    My hubby and I are both from Pekin and our families still live in Pekin, Peoria, and Farmington. We visit once a year, usually around Heart of Illinois Fair time. What town do you live in, Insurechick?
  15. abud24


    Hi and to the group, Riuaki!