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  1. WOW~ Ya'll mentioned some great ideas for using up my stash. I love all of the ideas. Think I will start with the vertical stripe one to start with. I love the idea of mixing colors and thought I could maybe do a couple of those for my daughters. I love the look of the "wool-eater" one. I think that would look pretty is all different colors too....Might try that one next winter. (it would be really hot to work with here in Texas during the spring/summer months.) Thanks for all of the ideas. I'm still game for more...keep them coming!! mgf~
  2. I have been crocheting on and off for about 11 years....and I have been "stashing" yarn for just as long. I have about 20 extra large totes of yarn.....from cottons, to thread, to yarn you name it..... I have it in those tubs. My hubby took all my yarn tubs over to my dads house where there is lots of extra room. When I want yarn I go and "shop". Today I went and did some "shopping" and I was very overwhelmed by all of the yarn that I have collected over the years. I just can't believe that I have all of the yarn that I do. I need to find a few projects that will take alot of yarn to do. I would really like to destash and use up some of when I have. I need to find a couple of projects that would use up alot of yarn. I have been thinking about a couple of large afghans/bedspreads in multi colors.......maybe a colorful jacket.......but I really need some ideas. I could use some serious help here. Anyone have some ideas as to what I can hook up that would use alot of yarn, be functional and beautiful??? mgf~
  3. Just curious...will this place roll your hanks into balls before shipping??? I havn't ever worked with a hank of yarn and I'm not sure if I want to deal with that. I plan on calling them in the morning but thought I would ask on here to see if anyone knew. Don't mention that on the website. mgf~
  4. Thanks for sharing!! Love the scarf and the shawl!!! mgf~
  5. For sure love the frogs!!! Will have to get this pattern to make a few of these for myself!! Thanks for sharing! mgf~
  6. You have done a great job on the dolls! Love the striped doll legs! I purchased several patterns from this place just havn't got around to making the dolls~you are one Crafty Lady! mgf~
  7. You did a great job! The set is really cute! thanks for sharing~ mgf~
  8. Saw the cutest crochet dress on the cover of SHAPE magazine.....found it online too. Check this out!! http://fashionista.com/2010/06/first-look-mark-fast-for-topshop/ Would love to have one of those!! Very sexy!!! On the magazine the dress is in pink! Very sexy!! Love the black as well! Check it out~post what you think! mgf~
  9. I have a huge tub full of Granny Squares that need to be joined......looks like I have found a new way of putting them together! Thanks! mgf~
  10. Wow! Love this bag!! mgf~
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