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  1. Dear Heather, thanks! Normaly I too choose the hook that feels better with the yarn. But not in case of smth very new. I've never used crochet thread and I've never crocheted doilies and I have an unknown yarn too - decided to better check first )) Dear Kathy, thanks SO much for the idea of checking wpi! Mine is about 28wpi, I compared it with yarns on Ravelry and hooray! Looks like I have #10 yarn. Yarn ID complete )) Here in Russia we don't really have crochet only magazines - rather both crochet and knitting. And I don't remember any charts there. Usually there are instructions like take this particular thread (here goes the title) and N (here goes the number) hook and follow the chart / instructions.
  2. I find Mary Janr slippers pretty and easy too. It's a free pattern you can find here http://goodknits.com/blog/mary-jane-slippers/
  3. Yep same size hooks from different producers can be different! I encountered the same issue recently when I compared my old Pony aluminum hook with KnitPicks wooden hook. KnitPicks hook felt somewhat bigger. I don't know why though.
  4. Aluajala


    Start a blog! I know several people who advertise their Etsy stores on their own awesome crafty blogs. You can also advertise on Ravelry - they have some nice offers for crafty people.
  5. Hi everyone ) I need your help. I used to crochet yarn to make toys and accessories. But recently I got some crochet thread from a friend. I want to try making some doilies and here's my prob: I don't know what number is this yarn and which hook will suit it the best. I once tried crocheting Mondial Cable 5 thread with a 2.5mm hook and the doily looked er fat. Now this thread look thinner and I'm still using a 2.5mm hook. The beginning look quite nice but not as thin and lacy as I'd love too. Any advice on what should I do? Try some thinner hook or maybe there's a way to ID yarn and find out what hook suits it? +=
  6. Looks like you updated your blog design to Blogger's new template designer. In fact you could have that "follow" button with old design too. I'm not sure if its possible to revert to your old design and get back all that you had. Try this http://www.google.com/support/blogger/?hl=en
  7. Hi! You have a nice and colorful blog! I'm your new follower
  8. Hi from Russia, welcome to our sweet ville
  9. I think that's a fun idea for those who're not allergic or like aromatherapy and things like that. I think Some bathroom accessories as well as maybe a special scented pillowcase are a nice idea to use such yarn. If there was any chance to get these yarns here in Russia I'd sure try them out.
  10. Hi friends! I'm thinking about a couple of simple summer projects like bikini top and a shawl for hips (not sure how this thingie is called in English) set. I want them to be triangular shape. Are there any tutorials on how to crochet triangles? Preferably with photos for it's hot here and I'm getting sleepy and stupid these days. Oh and the triangles should not be granny-looking (because of obvious reasons) but some with not too many holes in them. Thanks for your ideas in advance!
  11. Hi Shannon! Welcome to our sweet ville! Have fun crocheting and chatting
  12. Thanks everyone for your nice comments! RaggedyAnn if you decide to make a sheep family - I'd love to see them!
  13. @Threecats, We don't have any Serta mattresses here and no commercials of them too.. gonna check them on YouTube @WVUAlesha Thanks!
  14. My first and favorite amigurumi! http://aluajala.blogspot.com/2010/05/crochet-sheep-free-pattern.html
  15. @ Island Girl Cool! What stuffing do you use for your toys btw? As far as I know it depends on stuffing whether amigurumi will survive washing machine or not
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