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  1. I love this, thanks for sharing the pattern
  2. Starling

    Cheery Throw

    It's lovely, I like your choice of colours and design.
  3. Go on Ravelry and look for a project called "Crochet version of Anthropologie-inspired capelet". Lots of people have used Homespun. I have some and plan on maybe trying it, although the instructions seem a little confusing!
  4. They're beautiful, you did very well! Can I ask how you put the cover together? It looks very neat! ETA: Ignore that, I've just checked out your blog, thanks!... I've always wondered how it's done!
  5. Me too! Mine was a simple mobile phone case. It was amazing........ at the time
  6. Cute little bag... very unique looking!
  7. That's very pretty indeed! Love the bright colours
  8. Go to Ravelry and search for "crocheted beaded bracelet". Here's mine that I made. It was soooo easy! Only takes about an hour or two to make.
  9. Starling

    Beaded bracelet

    Thank you folks I made another one!
  10. Starling

    Beaded bracelet

    First time I've used thread and beads. Turned out well! It's for my friend for her birthday Pattern is from Ravelry.
  11. Thank you for the lovely compliments And, yes, I'm SURE I don't want to make another... two is enough!
  12. Starling

    little cat

    Awww... that's so sweet. Would be great for a cat lover.
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