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  1. Missed the check-in yesterday.... WTD +21, YTD - 196
  2. Lots of plans! I make baby, child, and teen afghans for the local children's hospital. I was just told they needed blankets and so many gorgeous colors went on sale. It was meant to be! ❤️
  3. The sale yarn is still coming in - Going to make you all look good this week! Hopefully next week will be the last shipment. I did manage to use 1.37 miles of yarn this week, though! Stashbusting CAL 2020 - WTD -125, YTD -217
  4. I was bad. I was very, very bad. But the clearance sale at Michael's MADE me do it! 🤣 And they were the big 1000 yard skeins. Checking in today since I'll be away from service tomorrow. WTD -20, YTD -92
  5. Hello - My name is Tricia and I have a yarn problem... Excited to join this CAL!
  6. A quick peak at my afghan so far.... Per my gauge it'll be 5ft by 7ft - Large enough to cuddle under on rainy days!
  7. 2020 is an iconic year - One that I wanted to take on a special project for and I hope others will join along with me! I have been eyeing temperature blankets for years and decided this was the year to go for it! Each day the temperature is recorded by the color yarn you use. You can use as many or as few colors as you like. Since we all live in different places, it will be fun to see how different each looks! A couple links are below with yarn ideas or you can get creative (scrap buster?). Straight rows? Ripple? Corner to Corner? Your choice! I’m going to use ten colors with t
  8. I have to agree! Definitely worth the practice. Once you get the hang of it, you'll love it!
  9. After being away for a few days....I'm back and ready!! Just a few more hours!
  10. Julie - Too funny! I actually was laughing out loud about the Spaghetti Os and the Can Opener!
  11. I LOVE you guys! Too funny! Julie - I almost wish I had a 'bobble-head' husband! Mine is in sales for the oil and gas industry...we're both yakkers!!! BTW - I'll be waiting to start mine until the games, also. Dug in my stash when I got home - colors will be a light purple and white in caron ss. (Don't know the names b/c I pulled off the labes for free yarn! Not the best idea for my score on the stashbusting CAL!)
  12. Hence-forth, I shall be known Thelma Lou! I'd love to join the team for the Crochet Games.
  13. I'm in! I'll probably be making them baby-size. I was able to give 37 baby blankets to the church last year and am aiming to make that 50 this year. I think these will just be gorgeous in baby colors!
  14. That's it! I officially have to have one of these....and my Uncle, who is a huge A&M fan needs one in maroon and white....and my DH needs a black and red one...and my son needs one in something bright....and the list goes on and on!
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