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  1. This year's baby shower was a fabulous success!! :clap Thank you - Thank you - Thank you to all who helped with donations. It is such a moving experience to give someone who is almost due their first baby items. I'm not sure you can understand how much this support means for these families. Shower Totals: Blankets - 38 Hats - 32 Dresses - 3 Bloomers - 1 Bibs - 14 Booties - 2 Toys - 8 Incredible!! The New Beginnings Pregnancy Center is going to feature this shower in an upcoming newsletter publication. They've asked me to write the article. Can't wait to share it with you all when it's ready! Merry Christmas to you all!
  2. Sorry to hear you've been having more struggles! Take care of yourself and your familly.
  3. Oh goodness - No apologies! Take care of yourself and your family first. When you do get it in the mail, let me know so I can keep an eye out.
  4. Those are cute!! I just made a couple this weekend, also. They're quick and easy!
  5. Thank you, also, Granny Square and Becky!
  6. Those are good ideas! Something the size of an ornament that can be tacked up in their room or by their bed!
  7. I just found out I will be going with my son carolling at a nursing home next Saturday! I wanted to bring some little goodies with us.... I plan on taking a basket with small candies for those that are able to come out to the 'performance'. HOWEVER, I'd like a little something special to take to those that weren't able to get out of their rooms and who don't get many visitors. :cheerCome on ladies!! I know you have them!!!! :cheer Any cute, quick ideas??
  8. Love this blanket!! You did a great job
  9. PAndrus

    Grandma Afghan

    Such a sweet blanket! And the chairs story.....laughing out loud!!
  10. Aww!! Those are precious!
  11. Sorry I've been absent a couple weeks. My grandfather had been quite ill and in ICU for a couple weeks. We lost him on Thanksgiving. But on a better note .... The shower is going to be December 9th! Woohoo! We have a great 'stash' of goodies built up. There is NO WAY I could do all of this without all of your help! If you have items for this year's shower, it's time to get them in the mail! Anything received after Friday, December 9th will be the start of next year's shower. Once again - thank you all!!
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