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  1. You could try using sc in fp and bp instead of dc. This should make it tighter.
  2. The Knit for Kids program is run in Canada (since the closing of Lewiscraft) by the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. The Red Cross will take donations year round and if you ever want to donate some time, drop by and they'll let you rummage through their stuff and crochet (or knit) hats, mitts, scarves...whatever for charity. So if you've got stash (no matter how small), or you've got time...the RED CROSS!
  3. I am usually a 2X (in plus-sized stores I'm a 1X), which is about a 16-18. I'm also petite (being 5' 1"). I'd love to see some tanks, cardis and fitted jackets that reflect my sizing, with alternate shaping for short torsos with plus-size chest. Good for you!
  4. There's a member here (shaelynnsmom) who has a blog. There's a very cute top (it says baby doll, but would make a great summer top) and she has instructions for up to 5X!!!! You can find it here. Good luck and have a great time! Monica
  5. Yarn Donations For Knit for Kids With the help of local volunteers and the co-operation of Happenstance Books & Yarns, in Lakefield, the Salvation Army ‘Knit for Kids’ program continues to distribute winter clothing and accessories with the Christmas hampers to children in need. In anticipation of a successful season, we are calling for donations of yarn from the community. If you have any yarn (wool, acrylics, blends, etc) that you would like to donate for this worthwhile event, please contact Monica Williams at 705-760-9233 or via email monica_williams@kprdsb.ca The donation period will continue throughout the summer while the campaign itself runs from September 1st to November 30th.
  6. Technically speaking you could make any pullover pattern that you like into a hoodie. You simply work up the pattern like normal, then, using the same stitch pattern, crochet around the neck edge (from one side to the next) and back. Continue until its however long you want it to be (shorter if its decorative, longer if you want it to be functional). Then stitch up the seam at the top. You could even do an extra couple of rows of dc around the face edge and fold & sew into a drawstring enclosure. Does that make sense? Monica
  7. That is absolutely gorgeous! I love the colours and the handles. What wool did you use? Monica
  8. mwedzi, your scarf was waiting at my front door when I was leaving for work this morning. I was so excited (and my husband actually stood at the table waiting while I opened it!). The scarf is perfect; exactly what I was picturing when I mentioned funky, flowery. And I love the mohair ; I think I'll make a wrap or shawl with it. Thank you thank you thank you. Monica
  9. Better Homes and Gardens puts out one occasionally called "Simply Crochet". But by far my favourite is Interweave Crochet. Monica
  10. Has anyone made this pattern? I found the corrections (holy cow!) on the website, but after round 3 of the armhole shaping there is no more errata. I am stuck on the instructions for round 1 of the lapels. Rnd 3: With MC, sc in each of next 5 sts across half-arch, *working in chain loop of armhole: ch 3, sc in each of next 5 ch, [ch 5, sl st directly into chain loop before marker] twice, ch 5, sk to marked ch st, sc in marked ch st and in next 4 ch sts, ch 3, sk 2 ch, sc in each of next 5 ch, [ch 5, sl st directly into chain loop before marker] twice, ch 5, sk to marked ch st, sc in marked ch st and in next 4 ch sts (end of armhole chain loop)*, **ch 3, sk ch-1 sp, sc in each of next 5 sts, [ch 5, sl st in next ch-5 lp] twice, ch 5, sc in each of next 5 sts**; rep from ** to ** 7 more times, rep from * to * once for second armhole, work from ** to ** 3 times, ch 3, sk ch-1 sp, sc in each of next 5 sts, [ch 5, sl st in next ch-5 lp] twice, ch 5, sl st in first sc to join. Round 1 (which appears in the magazine): With MC, sl st to center of last ch-5 lp made on previous rnd, [ch6, sl st in next ch-5 lp]; rep to end of round, sl st in first ch of beg ch-6 to join - 64 ch-6 lps. Now I understand the instructions, but it doesn't make any mention of whether to skip to sections of sc's and ch3's. The next ten rounds are the same: ch-6 loops attached to previous round of ch-6 loops. Trying to look at the picture in the magazine, it seems that I also sl st into the ch3 spaces, but I'm not sure. Maybe I'll just try it and see, but if anyone out there has already made this, I'd love some feedback. Thanks Monica
  11. The nicest stuff for baby summer wearables would be Bernat Cottontots. Its cool and soft and comes in lovely pastels.
  12. You should put a round of single crochets around the border, then your row of shells. You should put 2 sc's in each dc row, then 1 sc along each of the top and bottom, then do your round of shells. Does that help?
  13. I've used Sugar N' Cream a few times for garments and the colour is usually pretty stable; make sure you wash in cold water. Washing may help. You may also have to block it. Either way, I wouldn't put in the dryer so you can control the shape while it dries.
  14. Can you post a pic of what your piece is doing? Is it curling or bending or folding in on itself? Sometimes its a problem with your tension, sometimes its the stitch count, sometimes its the hook...and sometimes it just has to wait until the entire piece is finished. You may even have to block it once its done. Lets take a look...
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