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  1. I haven't had that problem before. When you wash it, it just seems to get softer and softer. Tater
  2. Sorry I haven't posted since I asked to join, but things have been crazy around here. It turns out that I had way more than enough to make that blanket for my dad in the homespun yarn that I bought on Ebay! I bought 12 skeins and only used 5 & 1/2! Now I have enough left over to make one for me!!! DH liked it too and wants one in blue. Maybe I can have that one done for Father's Day. Since I finished that I have made a baby blanket in some homespun my mom found at a yard sale and started on a round ripple baby blanket. I guess the round ripple can now be my skein a week. Here is a link to pics as I am not sure how to post pics on here. http://photobucket.com/albums/a285/cubm0m/Crochet%202006/ Tater
  3. All I can say is "THANK GOODNESS FOR FEMA!!!" Tater
  4. I just joined this forum today and was reading through some posts and saw this thread and I have already started a project like this. I bought some homespun on Ebay and started a blanket for my dad for Christmas, well I know now that I don't have enough and am not going to finish it by christmas so I figured I could buy a skein or 2 a week until I get it done. Tater
  5. Hi all, I am Vada AKA Tater, stay at home mom of 3 boys and one girl. I have been crocheting for 15 years. I work with both yarn and thread but I prefer yarn. I hope to meet lots of people who enjoy the same hobby as me. Tater
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