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  1. I was using a Boye hook - so back upstairs to the "yarn stash" I go to find a more cooperative yarn Thank you so so much for taking the time to help me with this. As you have probably figured out - I'm no expert. Ladies like you are why I love this site. Have a great weekend!
  2. Thank you DCM. I am referring to teh Crochet Stitch Bible by Betty Barnden. I just tried another round of this thing and I am just in tears!!! When I get to row three of the stitch I mentioned in my earlier post...It's like I'm stretching things too far across the top and it is bunching up. It's weird! I don't know what I am doing wrong. As far as Catherine's Wheel....I looked at a few http://berroco.com/insider/Free Greenway pattern from Comfort K C Afghans.pdf and http://cache.lionbrand.com/printablePatterns/cjif-diamondLaceafghan.pdf Thanks for your interest and help.
  3. Okay ladies. In my "crochet stitch bible" I found a beautiful stitch - the Starburst Stitch. Page 85. I want to do a solid afghan in this ...approximately 50 x 60 in a solid color. I know - strange...I just prefer solid colors. Anyway - is this the same as Catherine's Wheel? I tried to do a sampler following the bible's directions and I got a humpy icky mess. My first row just seemed to pull my chain foundation row terribly. I made my foundation row very loose but still nine double crochets in one stitch is definately going to pull. (I'm using worsted yarn - trying it with the 'el cheapo Red Heart this first go around). Anyway - my foundation row is just getting pulled to pieces no matter how loose I start it. I even did my beginning foundation chain with a 6.5 hook and the regular stitches in a 5.5 and it still pulled. After all my rambling I guess I have questions... Is this beautiful starburst the same as Catherine's Wheel? Can it be done in worsted weight? How can I fix the problem of stretching those bottom chains out with all the double crochet in one of the beginning chains? Does anyone have a pattern to suggest that would be in a solid color and not changing yarns? Am I crazy to even try this? Thanks ladies ...you all are the best!
  4. My niece just had her baby (two months early) thank goodness baby and mother are fine. We have a shower planned for early October since the baby was due mid to end of October and I thought I had time to finish the afghan I started. Unfortunately/Fortunately my niece wants to take the baby home (in a few weeks) in an afghan I made for her. There is no way under the sun I can finished the one I had planned for her so that will have to be a shower gift. But I need to get to work on something that can move pretty quickly and get it shipped to her within the week. SO HERE I AM BEGGING FOR ANOTHER PATTERN IDEA. By the way...she is requesting that it be lavendar or lavendar trimmed in white. No stripes or patterns, she wants something simple that will show up in pictures nicely but isn't opposed to the trim being ruffly HELP!! YOU GUYS ALWAYS PULL ME THROUGH THESE THINGS!
  5. Thank you so very much! YOU DID IT! I looked forever last night and couldn't find this book. However I would have sworn that the cover had a scarf and hat or the cow neck poncho!!!! Thank you so very much for taking the time to help a newbie that is a little absent-minded!!!
  6. Thank you so much ladies for all your efforts. The book was a Red Heart crochet & knit.....then it had a subtitle which I can't remember. It was a single color afghan for beginners with shells and the stitches were all single and double crochet. The book also had a pattern for a matching hat/scarf and a beautiful cow neck poncho. I can't remember what was on the front but I think it was the poncho or the sweater/scarf set. I have looked and looked on the redheart site. I found the book that I bought the same day titled crochet & knit cozy comfy home it has a granny square afghan on the front and the number on the bottom of the back is ART J22 Book 001. Printed in 2007. I will be happy to buy it if anyone has it. I bought this at walmart a year or so ago and of course they don't have it now
  7. I checked the website with no luck It was one of the small booklet types that maybe had thirty pages if that. ABout a 5x7 size I guess. If you think of any other ideas please let me know.
  8. I can't believe I have done this. I found a booklet with an easy beginner pattern. I made the afghan...it turned out well so I started another one for a gift and took the project with me to Nashville, TN (I'm from Virginia). I lost the darn book somewhere during traveling and can't find another one. I had bought this booklet at Walmart a year or so ago. It was one of the RedHeart SuperSaver Crochet and Knit booklets. Help!!!! I only have about eight inches of this afghan done and I'm not good enough to finish it without a pattern plus I would never remember the trim (plus I gave the original one I made away). Any suggestions? I googled Red Heart Super Saver crochet booklets with no luck :(
  9. My husband obviously doesn't understand crochet at all. He doesn't get that the beauty of crochet is the patterns made by loops and swirls "holes" as he calls it. Anyway....he has requested that I make him an extra long and extra wide afghan with NO HOLES and all in one color with a border in a second color. Ok. I'm figuring a huge double crochet afghan...might take me ten years but eventually I will get it done. Now...I'm a mediocre crochet gal at best. So my question is ...when I get the chain to be the width I want for the afghan, do I chain 2 or three at the end of each row? Also.....does anyone have any other suggestions for Mr. Wonderfu's afghan request? Thanks ladies!
  10. Yes girls...it is a pattern that you work back and forth. Work to the end of the row then turn then work a row again and turn. I will post a picture this evening. I'm at work right now but I couldn't resist taking a peek to see if there were any words of wisdom for me.
  11. :help:shrug:thair:oops:oops:ohdear Okay ladies. I have been attempting to crochet for a year. I stick strictly to afghans that I don't have to change colors and dishcloths. No more no less. It seems that my afghans (especially the pattern that has all those little cluster ball thingies) lean terribly. I have counted and recounted...the stitch count is right. I try to watch my tension but I still get a nice / afghan. literally it looks like / What am I doing? I tried to wash it, stretch it out and let it dry in a square but it is still somewhat / It kills me!!!!!! What can I do? My dishcloths are fine but the bigger projects make me want to scream and I love afghans Help please!
  12. It's hard for me to visualize this pattern....is there a picture somewhere?
  13. I posted this thread yesterday and realized that I had probably put it in the wrong place. Sorry! Anyway....I am looking for an afghan pattern that I can work up fairly quickly that isn't so complicated. I am a beginner and have made a few afghans (all but two from the same pattern) but I'm bord with that pattern and can't find simple ones that I can understand and do. I mostly like afghans that are all one color...I'm just not fond of the granny square or ripple look. I have searched the internet over and just can't seem to find what I want ....or can do. There are beautiful patterns out there but they are very intimidating to me. Can anyone help me with a pattern other than just a total single or double crochet afghan? Thank you for any input!!!!
  14. Wow!!! Big Stone Gap? Have you read the Trigiani books? I am from Wise....just fifteen minutes away. What a small world after all.
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