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  1. Thanks a lot for sharing this pattern... I have a little niece who is going to be delighted with with gown for her AG doll Regards, Maru
  2. Hi all!!! It's been a while since I posted last... been working in new baby items... Information, free graphs and/or patterns are available through my blog http://marumin64.blogspot.com Regards, Maru
  3. This may come a bit late....lolol, but there might be someone who can benefit from this information later on.. Crochet thread comes in sizes from 3 to 100, the bigger the number the finer the thread, so size 3 is nearly as thick as yarn and size 100 is like sewing thread. Hooks and thread size chart http://crochet.about.com/library/blthreadhook.htms Hugs, Maru
  4. Here is a pair of lovely baby shoes I did a while ago. The pattern can be found in both English and Spanish in my blog at: http://marumin64.blogspot.com/2012/05/hola-aca-va-finalmente-la-receta-del.html Hope you like them. Regards, Maru
  5. Hi all I wanted to share with you the pattern for this embroidered baby booties... They take up very little yarn, are fairly easy to make and would make a very nice last minute baby gift. Step by step instructions in both English and Spanish can be found in my blog: http://marumin64.blogspot.com/2012/05/hola-aca-va-finalmente-la-receta-del.html Let me know if you like it! Regards, Maru PS: Tried to post a picture here to no avail... Click on link below for picture-
  6. Hi!! Hope you are having a very nice weekend. Here's a new pattern I'd like to share with you. It's a cute white bolero with contrasting trim for a baby girl. It is crocheted with a 3.75 mm hook and baby cotton or baby weight (fingering/sport) yarn. The pattern is available in both Spanish and English in my blog. Click on the link below: http://marumin64.blogspot.com/2012/03/bolerito-blanco-con-borde-en-contraste.html Scroll down a bit for the English version. Hope you like it
  7. For row 2, Make a shell in every ch2 space (center of each V stitch from the previous row) Hope this helps Regards, Maru
  8. Hi All... Back again with another baby pattern to share... This time it's a baby bonnet...and fairly easy to make.. The link to the pattern is in my blog.. http://marumin64.blogspot.com/2012/03/capota-para-bebe-baby-cap-to-match.html Scroll down a bit for the link to the English version of the pattern... Hope you like it! Maru
  9. It's been a while since I posted anything in the forum, and thought it was time to share one of my baby sweater patterns with you... Hope you like it! DC SQUARE YOKE WITH RIBBONS I used aproximately 60 grs. of Sport or Light weight baby yarn 3.75 mm hook (US Size F/5) STITCHES USED ch - chain sc – single crochet hdc – half doublé crochet dc – doublé crochet PF – Puff Stitch The puff stitch for this sweater requires only 5 loops. Here’s how I make it: 1. Wrap the yarn over the hook, sk 1 st (or 2 as indicated) insert the hook in next stitch. YO the hook and draw through. There will be 3 loops on the hook. 2. Wrap the yarn over the hook, insert the hook in same stitch as before. YO the hook and draw through. There will be 5 loops on the hook. 3. YO and pull through all 5 loops. I do not make a chain to secure at the end of the stitch unless otherwise indicated. YOKE Chain 55 + 3 to turn 1 Row: Dc in 4th chain from hook, dc in each of the next 5 sts (2dc, 2 chain., 2 dc) in the next st (increase made), dc in each of the 11 sts next , increase in the next st , dc in each of the 15 sts next , increase in the next st., dc in each of the 11 sts next, increase in the next st., dc in the remaining 7 sts. 2 a 6 Row: Continue crocheting rows of dc, taking only the back loop of the previous st., always making a d con top of each dc from the previous row, and making an increase in the ch2 space at each corner, according to the graph. 7 Row: dc (on the back loop only) in the first 19 sts, sk shoulder sts (35 sts), dc in the next dc and the following 38 sts., sk 35 sts (second shoulder), dc in the next dc and the 18 remaining sts. Ch3 , turn. 8 Row: Sk 1 st , **V st (dc, chain., dc) in the st next, sk 1 st., V st in the next st., Puff V st (5 loop puff st, chain., 5 loop puff st) in the next st., sk 1 st., repeat from * end row with 1 dc Ch 3, turn. 9 a 22 Row: Repeat: V stitch over V stitch and 5 loop Puff V Stitch over each 5 loop Puff V Stitch from the previous row (according to chart on the right) 14 times 23 Row: 5 loop Puff V stitch in every chain space from the previous row. SLEEVES 1st Row: Join thread in the middle of the underarm, and make 41 evenly spaced dc. Close row with a sl st. Ch3, turn. 2nd Row: Sk 1 st., V stitch in the next st, *sk 2 sts , 5 loop Puff V stitch in the next st., sk 2 sts, V stitch in the next st., sk 2 sts., V stitch in the next st., repeat from * to end of row. Join row with sl st. Ch3, turn. 3rd Row: V stitch over V stitch, 5 loop Puff V stitch over 5 loop Puff V Stitch to end of row. Join with sl st. Ch 3 turn. 4th - 14th Row: Repeat row 3 (11 times). 15th Row: Sk 1 st., *hdc in the st next , sk 1 st, repeat from * to end of row. Finish cuff with 2 rows of 5 loop puff stitch FINISHING Crochet a row of sc beginning at lower front edge, up and around the neck edge and down the other front edge. Finish front edges with a row of 5 loop Puff stitch (For step by step instructions on how to finish the edges, visit my blog: http://marumin64.blogspot.com/2011/01/braided-finish.html For front closures: Upper closure: Thread a length of ribbon through first row of dc. Sew separate pieces of ribbon to each front edge at base of yoke.
  10. Hi all!! It's been a long time since I posted... This is my latest baby jacket... It's done in acrylic thread (similar in weight to lightweight baby yarn) and a C (2.75mm) crochet hook. You can find a link to the pattern in my blog: http://marumin64.blogspot.com/2011/04/chaqueta-cr-blanco-con-punto-bolita-ry.html Scroll to the end of the posting to find the link to the English version of the pattern Hope you like it!! Maru
  11. Gracias a Brenda por permitirme traducir el patrón de sus botitas de hilo MIS ZAPATITOS DE HILO Talla: 0 a 3 meses Materiales: Hilo de crochet blanco No. 10; crochet de acero 7/0; aguja; 90 cms de cinta delgada (de ¼ de pulgada) Abreviaturas: pa – pto. alto pe – pto. enanao cad. -- cadeneta Suela: Montar 18 cadenetas. 1a. V: 7 pa en la 4 cad a partir del crocad.et, pa en los 13 pts, sgts. , 8 pa en la última cad; y luego, trabajando del otro lado de la cadeneta inicial, pa en los 13 ptos sgtes, cerrar la vuelta con pto enano en el tope de las 3 cad. iniciales. 2a V: 3 cad., pa en el punto de cierre de la vuelta, 2 pa juntos en c/u de los 7 ptos sgtes., pa en los 13 siguientes, 2 pa juntos en los 8 ptos. sgtes., pa en los 13 restantes., cerrar la vuelta con pe al tope de las 3 cad. iniciales. (58 pa) 3a V: 3 cad., pa en el punto de cierre de la vuelta anterior, (pa en el sig. pto., 2 pa en el sig. pto.,) 7 veces, pa en los sigtes. 14 pa., 2 pa en el sig. pa., (pa en el sig. pto., 2 pa en el sig. pto.,) 7 veces, pa en los 14 ptos. restantes , cerrar vuelta: (74 pa). Laterales: 1a V: Trabajando solo en la anilla de atrás, levantar 3 cadenetas, y hacer pa a todo el rededor. Cerrar la vuelta con pe. 2a V: 3 cad., pa en cada pa de la vuelta anterior. Cerrar vuelta con pe. 3a. V: 3 cad., pa en los sgtes. 31 pa, marcar el ultimo pa para luego dar la forma a la capellada., pa en cada pa restante. Cerrar vuelta con pe., cortar el hilo y esconder las puntas. Capellada: Row 3: Ch 2, (yo, insert hook in next dc, yo and draw through 2 lps on hook) 5 times, yo and draw through all lps on hook. Fasten off and weave in ends. 1a. V: Unir el nuevo hilo con pe en el pa que se marcó para este fin., levantar 2 cad., pa en el siguiente pa, (tejer los 2pa sgtes. cerrados juntos) 17 veces, volver: (18 grupos de 2pa cerrados juntos). 2a. V: 2 cad, tejer 2pa cerrados juntos, (tejer los 3pa sgtes cerrados juntos) 5 veces, volver: (6 grupos de 3pa. cerrados juntos) 3a. V: 2 cad, (tomar hebra, insertar el crochet en el sgte. pa, tomar hebra y cerrar 2 anillas) 5 veces, tomar hebra y cerrar todas las anillas del crochet juntas. Rematar y esconder las puntas del hilo Tubo: 1a. V: Unir el hilo en el centro de atrás de la 3a. vuelta que hicimos para los laterales del zapatito. Levantar 1 cad, pb en la unión y en cada pa hasta llegar al pa marcado, distribuir uniformemente 14 pb en las puntos que formaron la capellada., pb en cada pb alrededor, cerrar vuelta con pe en el primer pb: (52 pb.) 2a. V: (vuelta de pasacintas) 4 cad. (cuentan como primer pa + 1 cad.), saltar siguiente pb, * pa en el siguiente pb, 1 cad., saltar siguiente pb; repetir desde * alrededor, cerrar vuelta con pe en la 3ra. cad. de las 4 cad. iniciales: (26 espacios de 1 cad.) 3a. V: 3 Cad., (2 pa, 2 cad., 3 pa) en el primer espacio de cad, * saltar siguiente espacio de cad., (3 pa, 2 cad., 3 pa) en el siguiente espacio de cad.; repetir desde * alrededor, saltar último espacio de cad., cerrar vuelta con pe en el tope de las 3 cad. iniciales. 4ª V: Pe hasta el primer espacio de 2cad; hacer 3 cad., (2 pa, 2 cad., 3 pa) en el mismo espacio, 1 cad., * (3 pa, 2 cad., 3 pa) en el sgte. espacio de 2 cad, levantar 1 cad; repetir desde * alrededor, cerrar vuelta. Cortar el hilo y esconder las puntas. An Original BrendaKBrown Pattern – Crochetville Traducción al español: Maru Minetto
  12. Thanks to Brenda for giving me permission to translate yorher Thread Booties pattern into Spanish. I'll be posting it here asap. Thanks again to Brenda for her kindness in sharing such wonderful patterns with us Regards, Maru
  13. I used a size 2.00 mm hook (almost a B in US size)
  14. I made Brenda´s booties... though I didn´t use thread but a very thin yarn instead... and here are the results... Hope it would help someone to see how nice Brenda´s designs turn out. Thanks Brenda for sharing your patterns Regards, Maru
  15. Hello!! First time posting one of my patterns, so here we go... This is a square yoke baby sweater, I used baby weight yarn and a 3.5 mm hook. The yoke is made up of double crochet stitches and the bodice in a combination of V and Puff stitches. Hope you like it. The pattern can be uploaded from my blog: http://marumin64.blogspot.com/2010/11/canesu-cuadrado-con-lazos-dc-square.html Regards, Maru Minetto
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