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    Crocheting, knitting, my shih tzus Missie and Vinnie
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    blankets, hats, slippers, dishcloths
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    Jan 2000
  1. it's called ' Northern Reflections' it is at the end of her post
  2. after clicking "crochet" click "afghans & throws" then click "florals & gardens" it at the bottom on the right I like this one it been here for a while and has matching pillow. I love the blues and green they used together!
  3. I taught myself 10 years ago at the age of 27 but put my hook down for a few here and there so I have lots to learn still like yesterday I saw an amazing video and I'm pretty sure she is a 'Viller too! I have never seen this before how to start your project you got to check it out!! I subscribe to her you tube site there are tonnes of great videos!!!
  4. oh the paw print is cute! make it bigger it would make nice pup or kitty blankie
  5. seems on some threads after selecting a thread not all posts will show up until I refresh the page right after it loads??? Anyone else have to do this? I have IE 8 right now maybe I should try firefox or something??? Suggestions Please ETA: it's weird cause it's not all the threads but when it does happen only the first couple replies show then I have to refresh to see the rest
  6. Oh so CUTE!!! where did you get the pattern for the eggs and chicken?
  7. Did you use a pattern for your hook bag? could u share a link? I am still searching for one I like so I dont have to use a ziploc bag. TIA
  8. Oh I got to try this. Does it work for all material Hooks?
  9. I use about 1/2 cup plain white vinagar in the wash to soften things up works well
  10. Thanks all I was so excited when it arrived I'm just beside myself!!! :c9:c9
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