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  1. I've just recently developed an interest in hairpin lace. I've noticed that there are a lot of tutorials describing how to join two hairpin lace strips together, but only one (not very descriptive) tutorial on StitchDiva on how to join more than two strips together to form a fabric. The tutorial says that to avoid distorting the fabric, the strip that you insert the hook into the loops of first when joining should be alternated (for instance, for joining Strips 1 and 2, insert the hook into Strip 1's loops first, then Strip 2's; for joining Strips 2 and 3, it's 3 first, then 2; for Strips 3 and 4, it's 3 first, then 4; etc.) However, most (if not all) patterns that call for an sc join will tell you to join on the wrong side every yime...but in order to do that, the only thing I could think to do to join every other strip would be to start from the left, and work to the right. But that's awkward. I thought about alternating which strip goes on top and which goes underneath...but when you finish that and unfold it, every other seam would be on the right side. I also thought about flipping the work so that when joining every other strip, the starting edges of the two strips would be facing opposite directions...but anyone who knows hairpin lace knows that the starting edges of all strips must face the same direction. I'm at the edge of sanity trying to figure this out!
  2. Nate McCloud

    Modifying a copyrighted pattern to sell

    Thanks for the advice. The pattern I was referring to posting is actually my own design (that I made from scratch), not the modified version of the copyrighted pattern. For now, I'll just stick to my own original pattern for sales, and just make the copyrighted ones as gifts. Even if the design isn't that pretty, people are still very impressed with this innovative and efficient method of recycling plastic grocery bags.
  3. I apologize, this thread isn't so much about how to modify a pattern, but really more about legality... I found a great pattern for a plarn tote bag, and I'd like to make a lot of them and sell them at a flea market, but the pattern is copyrighted. Members of my family suggested that I should modify the pattern slightly to make it my own and sell bags made with the new pattern. That's a gray area for me, though, because I fear the risk of a modified pattern falling under the category of "derivative works". I've made my own tote bag pattern, but I really think they're rather ugly, and clunky... So, I need advice. Would it be legal to sell an item made with a modified version of a copyrighted pattern, or am I better off sticking to my own design? Thanks in advance. EDIT: I would upload my pattern, but unfortunately, my computer's on the fritz, and I'll need to get it fixed before I can access the file. I'm currently on my BlackBerry.
  4. Nate McCloud

    Help with Woven ~N~ Spun's letter "K" pillow

    The turning chain at the end of a row never counts as a stitch in that row, and not at all if you're working in sc (which means only 1 ch in the turning chain). It can only count as a stitch in the beginning of the following row, and only if you're working in hdc or bigger.
  5. Nate McCloud

    Help with Woven ~N~ Spun's letter "K" pillow

    I think I should, yes. As for the pattern itself, I'll just add an extra double foundation chain. Perhaps the total stitch count isn't off, but the double foundation chain count is. On both the top and bottom legs, the key widths on the rows with the tips of the serifs (if that makes sense) is 27 sts. Thanks for the advice.
  6. Nate McCloud

    Help with Woven ~N~ Spun's letter "K" pillow

    This is the page with links to all the patterns, and this is the pattern itself. She was rather nice about it, although I would think the designer of a pattern would be more than happy to advise someone who wants to use it, especially after all the work she put into making the pattern.
  7. Nate McCloud

    Help with Woven ~N~ Spun's letter "K" pillow

    That's the thing...I e-mailed the designer first, and she said she leaves the letter pillow designs on the site as a courtesy, and that she's not giving help on those designs anymore. She suggested coming to a forum such as this one and asking for help from people who've crocheted this design before.
  8. On Row 6 of the part where it says to move to the second marker, it says to crochet into the 14 scs and then do 7 double foundation chains, which adds up to 21 stitches. Row 7 says to increase once at the beginning and sc across, which adds up to 22 sts...but the pattern says I should have 23 sts! I'm confused. Please, help! I've got this pillow, an "A" pillow, two scarves, and some other gift to finish by Christmas! Thanks in advance.
  9. Nate McCloud

    Tarot Pack Holder

    This pattern kinda confuses me. You go from Round 5-18 to Row 15...this confuses me. What am I supposed to do here?