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    A woman that loves to crochet, sew & knit and any other craft that soothes my crafty soul.
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    New York
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    crochetting, knitting, sewing, reading, home decorating
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    hats & scarves
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  1. Ennovy88

    Buckle Hat

    With winter in full force, I enjoy making hats to coordinate with new scarves and to replace old hats. Of all the hats that I've made the Buckle hat is my all time favorite. Click here for Details Thanks for looking.
  2. Beautiful set and any little girl will be totally in love with it. Great job.
  3. Thank You. The yarn I used is Schoeller Stahl - Sockina Cotton 04.
  4. One of my favorite books is Knit to Hip by Judith Swartz.
  5. I'm a member of Ravelry and Knitpicks forum.
  6. Yes, those are the needles and yes you can work a straight project by not connecting in the round.
  7. Ennovy88

    Lace Knitters?

    I've only done one lace project and like Lady of Roses did the basic rows of eyelets or yarnovers in a pattern.
  8. OmGoodness those are so cute.
  9. Thank You for the link. I just completed my first pair of socks about a week ago and anxious to do a few more.
  10. That is Awesome, I've never heard of Illusion knitting. Binding off can be a little weird, but like the commenter said knit 2 stitches and the first stitch you knit take your left needle and lift it up and over the 2nd stitch and off the needle and repeat the process. I noticed that when I bind off its really tight and learned a new technique from another knitter, which allows the bind off stitches to have a little give. When you knit the first stitch instead of inserting the right needle in the front of the stitch, instead you insert it in the back and knit, repeat for the 2nd stitch then do the bind off. Once you have completed the bind off you will notice that the bind off row has a little stretch to it.
  11. I'm a continental knitter, which works for me because of the way I hold my crochet hook.
  12. Your scarf is beautiful! Cables was one of the main reasons I learned to knit, which I learned last year and have been going strong since. Of the several items I've knitted, I always try to get in some cables. Like you, I learned to cable early after starting to knit. What I like most about knitting, I use crochet to bind off my projects, so its the best of both worlds. I learned to knit from Knitting Made Easy by Coats & Clark DvD and after practicing for 4 hours, I was knitting & purling in no time. I recently had the same problem as HomekeepingGran, with the metal joint pulling from the cord and had to use superglue to rejoin it. Knitpicks' needles are really great to work with and I have both the nickle plated & harmony wood circular sets and what really keeps me using them is that the cord is so pliable unlike the other circular needle cords, which are very stiff and don't bend. Here are 2 hats I did this week, the pattern is from Hip to Knit by Judith Swartz.
  13. Hi Lesa, So sorry to hear Nesa isn't feeling and will keep her in my prayers. I would love to participate in making squares... so add me in. Do you have a deadline.
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