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  1. crochetfun

    First Shawl in a Long While

    Thank you Everyone:) Shawls are my favourite things to make and it's been a year and a half since a completed one...
  2. crochetfun

    Tulip curtain

    Gorgeous pattern, beautiful work:)
  3. crochetfun

    First Shawl in a Long While

    [attach]38956[/attach] Made for a dfriend's mom, who is ill. Yarn is Wendy's Rembrandt. I've had it for a long time. I don't really like working with it - but it worked for this shawl.
  4. crochetfun

    12 inch Square of the Month CAL 2011 Rebooted

    I really like those squares Crafty Witch:) - thanks for posting them
  5. crochetfun

    12 inch Square of the Month CAL 2011

    Oh, I am glad you are starting a new one:) Crafty Witch. I have Dragonfly's square started:)
  6. crochetfun

    A Duckie Baby Set

    what a sweet set:)
  7. crochetfun

    Shining Star

    Nice work:) Neat pattern and colour choice. (It's crocheted in one piece, right?)
  8. crochetfun

    Baby Afghan completed..

    that is sooo beautiful. Love the pattern AND the yarn.
  9. crochetfun

    Sweet Baby Hat

    Very cute hat AND adorable baby:)
  10. crochetfun

    My Booties

    Very Cute:)
  11. crochetfun

    Dragonflies Around 12" Square

    Thank you for posting it:clap - you just made up my mind what square to make in April:) Lovely!
  12. crochetfun

    Interesting potholder

    Thank you for the pattern:)
  13. crochetfun

    Interesting potholder

    It looks really neat:)
  14. crochetfun

    12 inch Square of the Month CAL 2011

    May I join in April?
  15. crochetfun

    Owl Hat

    That's a Cute hat - Did you bribe that adorable little guy? He has a priceless expression on his face...