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  1. Thank you Everyone:) Shawls are my favourite things to make and it's been a year and a half since a completed one...
  2. Gorgeous pattern, beautiful work:)
  3. [attach]38956[/attach] Made for a dfriend's mom, who is ill. Yarn is Wendy's Rembrandt. I've had it for a long time. I don't really like working with it - but it worked for this shawl.
  4. I really like those squares Crafty Witch:) - thanks for posting them
  5. Oh, I am glad you are starting a new one:) Crafty Witch. I have Dragonfly's square started:)
  6. Nice work:) Neat pattern and colour choice. (It's crocheted in one piece, right?)
  7. that is sooo beautiful. Love the pattern AND the yarn.
  8. Very cute hat AND adorable baby:)
  9. Thank you for posting it:clap - you just made up my mind what square to make in April:) Lovely!
  10. That's a Cute hat - Did you bribe that adorable little guy? He has a priceless expression on his face...
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