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    Geek married to a nerd in the land of rednecks with twin bebehs!
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  1. I JUST got my yarn in today. I didn't really have anything I wanted to use in my stash. Ohhh yes, I bought yarn LOL I'll be starting on it here shortly, and I don't like the really short shawls so I will add a 10th row and maybe even an 11th.
  2. Amibel

    ISO boy fairy

    My twin 2 year olds LOVE Sesame Street and Abby's Flying Fairy School is my girl's favorite part. They love Abby Cadabby but Emma especially asks for Donegan when it starts. Since Hasbro doesn't really make any Donegan toys, I thought maybe I could find a pattern for a male faery (including wings) that I could just switch out the colors and maybe a design element or two so it could look like Donegan. I don't mind if its a pay pattern (as long as the price isn't outrageous) or a free pattern.
  3. Cindy, I'm so sorry I'm just now posting this. I did get your box a week ago. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the case. I just adore the purple and green together I am in love with the German hook (I think its German) and I am so happy that I now have a duplicate of one of my favorite Clover hook. The squeezy handball is awesome and helped me work out some of the frustration of my back issues today
  4. No crochet this week, spent time on soap and lip balm instead. Won't have any time to crochet tomorrow and won't get anything finished tonight, so posting now. Week Ending 3/24/2012 WTD: 0 | YTD: +166
  5. Sadly, its not really the size of the color swatches that throws off picking a matching color. It is that monitors are all color calibrated differently, plus the lighting and post-processing done on the photos that cause the issue. What companies SHOULD do is say that XXX variegated matches with XXX solids. Red Heart has a PDF floating around somewhere that actually does that. However, if you look at ILTY Agean Stripes, it looks like the lightest color is white, but its not, its one of their light greys. <-- web design and photography geek
  6. I'm slacking. I haven't picked up an afghan to work on it in 6 weeks. Maybe once I can get over this hump in a few weeks I can start on it again. Looks like MIL will be temporary receptionist in FIL's office while we're there on vacation at the end of the month, so I likely won't have MIL to watch the kids so I can work on the afghan Ahh well.
  7. I know its Friday and barely noon, but I know I'm not doing any crochet tonight or tomorrow because I have company coming so I'm going to post my score. I hadn't posted my score in the last month because my power cord for my computer died so I had to wait on the replacement, the kids were sick, then hubby pulled an ab muscle and was on a lifting ban which included not lifting his kids. On the other hand, we got rid of a chair, reclining loveseat and a dining table w/4 chairs, and I bought a regular matching loveseat and full-length sofa and a new dining table that has a leaf and 6 chairs. Oh, and to get the new furniture in the house, we had to do some furniture rearranging so a larger bookcase with doors on it made its way into my bedroom to store my crafty stuff. Which meant I had to do some rearranging in my room and sorting. Yes, there's a point to the story Monday, I went through my entire stash, pulling out a bunch of skeins, none of them could even be turned into balls. I had 3 boxes stuffed with 93 skeins! I sent them to Hilltoppers which helps handicapped and developmentally disabled people find and maintain jobs. They opened a thrift store in the middle of December. Week Ending 3/10/2012 WTD: +186 | YTD: +166
  8. I've been MIA for awhile, sorry I didn't get anything posted the last couple weeks, but I didn't use anything up, didn't hardly crochet anything. However, this week, there is a HUGE change in my score But I will let people wonder if I will be the STM winner or the gold medal winner
  9. I got my package from MissyAnn last week. The kids were sick and I was waiting on a new power cord for my computer, so this is one of the few times I've been able to get on lately. I was the resident slacker and running behind so she should receive hers in the next day or two. She sent me two gorgeous hats, one was a light mint green and the other was a pretty vibrant purple I love both of them. Emma loves putting the purple one off and on, and throwing the green one at her brother She also sent some treats for my critters and they loved them Thank you so much MissyAnn!
  10. I got my package from Elizabeth yesterday! And OMG it was packed with all sorts of goodies! 4 hanks of Cotton Classic 100% mercerized cotton in a gorgeous darker turquoise 1 tin of dark chocolate pint Godiva pearls 1 big tin of dark chocolate Godiva hot chocolate 1 perfume oil flask that smells like the best chocolate in the world The Food Network Magazine - The Chocolate Issue 4 huge Snickers *yum*yum* A box of mint tea A little wristlet change purse that is a frog 2 hot pads/trivets that look like Oreos I love love LOVE it! Thank you so much Elizabeth! I just got your box in the mail today so hopefully it will be there by Friday at the latest.
  11. I've been blah about crocheting for the last week. I had to frog what I started and start again, so that took a bunch of wind out of my sails. But I might be able to finish up this week.
  12. I'm pretty sure I'm not getting any skeins or balls done today so.. I'm pretty sure that leaves me with an even score. Week ending 02/11/2012 WTD: 0 | YTD: -20
  13. I'm slacking so badly. I've been trying to get other stuff done that I haven't touched the afghan for my mother I hope I feel like doing some today.
  14. Well, that would be just about all of it for me Amy I can only get Super Saver here, and in limited colors at that. Any other RH stuff I have to order online, which is how I ended up with the Smoothie that I despise.
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