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    Melissa (Missy)
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    I'm a self taught crocheter. I'm learning new things everyday, and I couldn't find a better hobby!
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    Crocheting, Crafts,
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    Cosmetic Inspector
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    Squares, Afghans, Applique
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    Dec, 2008
  1. I am in awe I so wish I could do this. You are so very talanted!!!!!!
  2. Thanks Mumbles17 for the square I got today, and a late thank you to momwithamotif and if I forgot you and you sent a square I'm so sorry I just left a 5 year relationship, and my ex got into my mail and I know don't what's what. I got the squares but I don't know who sent them. I got a purple heart one that I don't know who sent as well. I'm so sorry and I hope you guys understand. I can't post pics at the moment either but thank you so much! I appreciate all of them, and he's no longer around so no worries on my mail anymore... and Sue don't kill me I'm moving again... but not until June this time. =] lol
  3. Please include me!! I love magic ball afghans!
  4. add me please! I can't remember if I already posted in this or not...
  5. Please count me in! I love halloween and I love cats!
  6. I love it!! Looks nice and soft, the basketweave seems just right.
  7. Adorable! Your right it does fit her well! I love the little ruffle
  8. I'm so excited it's getting cooler out she's starting to make good use of these =]
  9. I am almost finished with a magic ball round ripple myself!! How strange! I need to do just a couple more rounds and I'm finished. Your looks amazing.
  10. I love every one you have made so far. Georgous!!!
  11. LOVE them!! This just makes me want to make a granny ghan
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