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    I am a stay at home of two boys.I love to learn new things and create new things.
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    where my heart is
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    Home Management
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    Snowflakes ,Bookmarks,Purses,Doilies,Scarves
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    Since 2004
  1. Pictures of My shawl:cheer:c9:c9 thanks so so much for posting the chart and other helpful tips here.
  2. I started this pattern today and I've finished row 11.Earlier I had tried this pattern so many times and always got confused. Having the chart prodded me to start trying it again and I am already on Row 11:cheer I am using Rainbow Boucle from Joann Pink
  3. Very nice Bag,I love the handles
  4. its just gorgeous!!I'm a big fan of your work
  5. Details on my Blog image clickable
  6. Who will not drool over that beauty!!!She is gonna adore it!
  7. what does he know !!!! They are gorgeous!
  8. :hookThanks for your kind words
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