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  1. To put it simpler, sc decrease on same side for number of rows indicated.
  2. I am currently wanting to sell this shawl. I have made myself another one that I like better. I'm asking $60 plus any shipping charges.
  3. I made this for a friend's little boy for his second birthday. No pattern, just made it as I went out of my head. Thanks for looking.
  4. Put together two different patterns to make making these a little easier. Just took the basic bootie pattern and made the foot opening tall to make a boot, then took the top edging from an actual cowboy bootie pattern to make the ridge at the top of the boot. Thanks for looking.
  5. I made the eighteen wheeler blanket for my nephew, the flower colored round ripple for my daughter, and the monster truck is a blanket in progress for my son. Thanks for looking.
  6. I live near Lafayette in Carencro!
  7. This is my first attempt at making a baby girl dress. Not for anyone in particular, just felt like making it. I copied the pattern down a long time ago and don't remember where I got it. The short pattern was a pattern I had for some long pants, and just made it short to go under the dress. I'm thinking of also making a little bonnet to go with it since I still have some extra yarn. Thanks for looking. This dress and pant size is 6 mo.
  8. I have sold some before. But, I don't like to make them to sell without having the dogs measurements to make sure of a good fit. I need measurements for back of neck to tail, around belly, from under chin to front legs, and space between legs.
  9. I made this for my cousin who is expecting. I don't remember where I found the patterns. I think they are on www.crochetpatterncentral.com. Thanks for looking.
  10. I made this for my cousin who is expecting her second child. I love this stitch, it is so easy to do. I learned it on youtube and just took off with it on all sorts of things. Thanks for looking.
  11. not hard to learn at all...in fact I learned it by looking it up on youtube and watching someone else do it. it's just alternating front post dc and back post dc.
  12. These potholders are about 6" x 8". The basketweave stitch is just alternating front post and back post stitches. Really easy.
  13. I just recently learned the basketweave stitch and tried it out making some potholders with 100% cotton yarn. Thanks for looking.
  14. I'm very happy to see so many people getting use out of this pattern. I'm glad it was written correctly.
  15. It is easily stored...just put the pieces in the attached pocket and it folds in half twice to take up little space.
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