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  1. really cute and pretty. You should be proud. The kids are simply adorable .
  2. Its so amazing ! A very beautiful and elegant design . Congratulations on a great job .
  3. Lovely bag. I love the colour and the outer pocket. Thanks for sharing the pattern.
  4. Your little girl is adorable and the outfit is so cute too. Love , Yasmin.
  5. Thats a wonderful idea. Lovely touches and very creative indeed! Absolutely beautiful.
  6. Absolutely gorgeous! your friend is lucky to have this.
  7. very cute! Nice and handy bag. I should make one myself!
  8. Lovely bag .I like the idea very much ...the entire thing bag plus the handles. Great job! Yasmin.
  9. Thank you you all so much for your lovely comments. I enjoyed making this one and have more designs in mind for better ones. I'll promise more creativity on the next ring cushion. love , Yasmin.
  10. Hi ! I've been crocheting up a storm lately and haven't had much online time . Thought I'll share my latest project with you all. The pictures and details are details are on my blog Hooks and Laces. I'd love to hear your opinion and I'd also appreciate it very much if you can give me an idea as to how much you think I could charge for this . I guess I might be getting an order for some of these. Love , Yasmin.
  11. Really gorgeous! It must've been a lot of work but it looks wonderful!
  12. Hi ! I have to make a cardigan for a friend and she has chosen the yarn and bought it already. It's a varigated brown and cream in red heart super saver yarn. I'm not used to making cardigans with varigated yarn, I usually use solid colours .I'd really be happy if someone can guide me and suggest any patterns that would look good. I'm looking forward to your suggestions. Thank you in advance. Love , Yasmin.
  13. That is so awesome! Absolutely adorable.and I love those ruffles too.Thanks for sharing. Yasmin.
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