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    I'm a single mom (stagemom) of a teen girl who is determined to be a star!
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    Learned when I was a teen and came back in 2009.
  1. conniesgranddaughter

    help! seam in my hats!!

    well i have a major issue with a sc....at the seam i get a peak. i can do hdc and dc circles just fine but my sc is extremely wonky! anyone know what i'm doing wrong?
  2. conniesgranddaughter

    Hi from Argentina!

  3. conniesgranddaughter

    More hat help please!

    Wow! Thanks for posting this information. I came here looking for a solution to my hat problem. I like the look of the stitches with a smaller hook, but was trying to figure out how I could convert it all. THANK YOU!
  4. conniesgranddaughter

    Purple Sage Design Hippie Tam

    How far have you gotten? I am wondering how wide the circle is after round 6. I'm using cotton, so I think I may need more increase rounds before I stop. Thanks!
  5. conniesgranddaughter

    Purple Sage Design Hippie Tam

    OMIGOSH! How did I not see this pattern when I was looking for a rasta hat?! If not for your problems with this, I would not have seen this pattern. Thanks for posting your problem!
  6. conniesgranddaughter

    My Christmas Tree

    Wow! 200 ornaments?!! It looks great. It will put mine to shame....whenever I get it up that is.... :-)
  7. conniesgranddaughter

    Pop Goes Crochet

    I just got this book. I got it for the Cher vest, but I've seen some other cool things too. And you're right, not everything is quite so hot.
  8. conniesgranddaughter

    [Support Crochetville] CreateforLess

    Wow, that's good to know. Thanks for sharing.
  9. conniesgranddaughter

    just met my niece

    Hometown USA super bulky will be perfect for Albany. I've made 2 scarves using that yarn and they're very thick and warm. I used a Q hook. It worked up super quick and the scarves aren't stiff.
  10. conniesgranddaughter

    Would this be a good idea?

    The afghan is BEAUTIFUL!
  11. conniesgranddaughter

    Hi from another crochet addict

  12. conniesgranddaughter


  13. conniesgranddaughter

    Hello from Kentucky

  14. conniesgranddaughter

    New here...and kinda new to crochet