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  1. I was over looking at the mary maxim site and fell in love with 2 afghans. but really hate to buy the kits as I prefer to use my own yarns. the 2 patterns are called Marcelle Afghan designed by Brenda Sampson Silver Medallion designed by Susan D. Kerin if you know somewhere else I can get these and just the patterns not the kits, I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. i made a couple pairs of these last year. my BIL uses his as liners in his boots and loves them, he requested another pair this year but longer up the leg so they won't bunch at all in his boots. they bunch alittle now, nothing serious enough that he doesn;t still use them, lol
  3. I am working on some hats and they call for 2 strands of the same color for the main part of the hat. I am wondering what would be the alternative to useing 2 strands of worst weight? would 1 stand of bulky work? I want to use the same size hook that it calls for (6.5mm)
  4. I have just purchased/ordered a jimbo hook. I can not wait for it to arrive. will take sometime though to go pretty much across the country, and to canada for me. I have full intention of getting a whole set of them. the one he made me is absolutely beautiful. there is even a picture of it on his blog. already have something picked out to do once it shows up.
  5. just curious what is the pattern called? you have me curious to check it out.
  6. i had this same sort of issue for the in-laws 50th anniversary. Did alot of googling and used a unique idea. the thing though it was for a 50th b-day and i just converted it over. the concept is simple. 50 gifts for 50 years. I did a book with a story and used gifts for key words. I made (crocheted, sewed, painted, scrapbooked, baked) all of them. main gift was a wedding ring afghan. was a blast doing. will be doing it again for my parents 50th. just an idea for you.
  7. muise

    Quilt Afghan

    the more you sew it together, the weight will help keep smoother.ii found only the octagons on the edges ruffle alittle. the ones inside smooth out
  8. muise

    Quilt Afghan

    i too read where people was having issues with it ruffling. They used different size hooks for the different motifs to help it lay flat. I did have ruffleing but it was very very minor so I was not overly concerned with it. i knew going into it could be an issue so I always keep adjusting my tension to compensate for it.
  9. i usually use RHSS and a size 4 hook, never had a problem with the yarn or stuffing. I have even done some in dark (brown and Black) colored yarns and have used white stuffing and i can't see the stuffing showing through the stitches,
  10. muise

    Quilt Afghan

    i made one of these recently and felt the same way you did, did not like how it was turning out. so i whip stitched it all together and loved it. now i just need to make another one for me.
  11. thank you all for the help. the thing is though i know it is a round ripple. The thing i don't know is the stitches used to make it. i know regular rr's are dc in dc but this one looks alittle different. almost like a granny but not quite. or am i seeing something that is not there?
  12. my Mom really likes this afghan and I thought I would surprise her, and make it for her. It is actually a kit but the pattern seems very familiar. I know i have seen it elsewhere with obvisiouly different color combinations. If you know where I can get it as i would rather get just the pattern cause i hate buying kits. Here is the link for it so you can see what i mean. thanks http://www.marymaxim.ca/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product_10003_50001_3074457345616989337_-1_3074457345616686294_3074457345616686295
  13. nothing on ebay and it is sold out on Velona, guess i will keep searching
  14. no one knows where I can get this pattern/magazine?
  15. I am looking for a specific pattern it is called the Summer Fiesta Afghan it is printed in the Crochet! Magazine of July 2004. I have looked around but I am unable to find this particular magazine. if you know where I might be able to get it, let me know. Thanks
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